How does ps3 look on a regular television?

mc_dre enquired: I see reports that ps3 looks great on hdtv(high def) How does it look on a standard regular television? Is there alot of difference? I heard there are cables that are about 70 dollars that you can buy and hook up to simulate the hdtv ps3 image on tv. Interesting Articles

Is Sony planning to make a PS3 that is backward compatible with PS2 games?

ARM enquired: As of right now Sony only has the 40GB PS3 on the market. Is Sony planning to make a new model that is backwards complatible with PS2 or are there no plans for that in the future? Interesting Content

How to install unbuntu into ps3 without losing my game saves?

Phylly’s Rican enquired: How to install unbuntu into ps3 without losing my game saves, music, videos? Also i don’t have no external hard drives cause i heard something bout you need one of them for this! Interesting Content

How do I connect my PS3 to the internet?

Sam B enquired: I have recently purchased a PS3 and I am having trouble connecting to the internet. My braodband uses netgear security and requires the PS3 to be recognised to allow it access. I have tried several times and I can’t seem to get my PS3 connected. Interesting Content

How easy is it to change an Asian PS3 to a North American PS3?

Pumpkin Cultists enquired: Hello. I am currently living in South Korea and am planning to live here until the end of 2009. I want to get a PS3 here, but I would want to change it to play North American games when I get back to Canada. I have been told that there is a […]

How do I connect my ps3 to the television, I’ve run out of space?

Islandkiwi enquired: I have a Sony crt hdtv from 2004, with one dvi input and two component inputs. I do not have it hooked up to a stereo receiver, all audio goes through the tv. Currently I have two devices demanding the components (game consoles), and my dish receiver taking the dvi, using an hdmi […]

How do I set up my PS3 to get surround sound with no optical audio slot on my surround sound receiver?

lukaveli11 enquired: How do i hook up so that my ps3 is getting both hd and surround sound even though my receiver on my surround sound system does not have optical audio slot although my tv does. Can i still get surround without that optical audio slot? and if i can how? Interesting Content