Can i use a playstation 2 driving wheel with a playstation 3?

justjra enquired: Can i use a madcatz playstation 2 steering/driving wheel with a playstation 3? Interesting Articles

playstation 2?

khjg enquired: I bought a playstation 2. But I have playstation 1 games. Is there a memory card that will read playstation 1 games on a playstation 2. The playstation 1 games will play on the playstation 2 games, but the memory card wont work on the playstation 1 games. or does anyone know where […]

how can i play playstation 2 on my work network with my work pc and play against others?

Tommy J enquired: i want to play playstation 2 at work. i cannot connect my playstation 2 console to the network, but read that i can download some stuff to play the games on my pc and play online or with other on the network. also, i was wondering, if i did this, what would […]

Is Playstation 2 Games and Blueray Disks Compatible to be used on all models of Playstation 3?

kenneth enquired: Hello! I’m just wondering if Blueray disks compatible to be used on all of the Playstation 3 (PS3)? As well can PS2 (Playstation 2) games be compatible with all models of the PS 3/Playstation 3? Thanks’s for answering my question and have a great day. Interesting Content

Why would a playstation 2 game work on one playstation 2 but not another?

ruthiecrue2 enquired: My friend bought a used Playstation 2 game and it won’t work in her playstation 2 but yet it works in mine. All other games work in hers just not this one game…. Why is that? Interesting Articles

What cords do i need to hook up my playstation 2 to my tv?

bethica20 enquired: I recently put away my playstation 2 for about a year and now that I got the new game guitar hero 2, i want to hook it back up. However, I am having trouble figuring out what cords I need. Is there more than 2 cords that hook up to the back of […]

My ps3 has never froze up before during the game and forced me to push the back button, problem?

hendrixio enquired: Is it a problem if my ps3 freezes during online play and forced me to turn off the back switch? This is the first time to every happen. Interesting Content

How do you repair a scratched disk for Playstation 2?

marksfgiants enquired: I have a game for Playstation 2, and it is scratched. I can’t trade it in or anything because they won’t let me and I don’t want to rent a game from Blockbuster or anything and trade discs because it is the version of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas that has the *** […]

How to get a playstation 2 on limited funds?

emerald enquired: I am on a fixed budget. I have no cable tv or even a radio. I use the computer at the library. I would like to find a way to purchase a playstation 2 on low monthly payments. My credit is bad and I can’t even get a Fingerhut account. There is no […]

What is the best way to power a playstation 2 in a car?

davidgherron enquired: I have the original playstation 2, not the slimline version. I have a portable dvd player, I just need to know what to use to convert my cig lighter outlet to the ps2. I have seen some that plug directly in to the ps2 slimline but nothing on the original ps2. Interesting Content

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