What’s the difference between xbox 360 elite and xbox 360 premium console?

John enquired: I mean it understand that elite is 120 gb, 100 more than the regular xbox 360. But does anybody know what else besides the memory capacity and price. Interesting Articles

How much hard drive is in a regular xbox 360?

smellycat enquired: I am going to be getting a xbox 360 very soon. There is Xbox 360 arcade, regular, or elite. I am planning to get a regular. Does anyone know how much hard drive and about how many games the regular Xbox 360 holds? Interesting Content

What is the difference between and Xbox 360 Arcade, and the other Xbox 360 systems?

William S enquired: I know the Xbox 360 Arcade doesn’t come with a hard drive, but other than that what is the difference? And what is the hard drive used for anyway? Interesting Content

How to connect an Xbox 360 wireless headset with a wired controller?

David W enquired: I want to use my wireless headset with my wired Xbox 360 controller. The headset connects to the Xbox but I can’t get it synced with the quadrant the wired controller is plugged in to. When I turn the headset on it connects with slot 2, even changing it using the button […]

How to make PS3 play all files within a directory of media server?

Herbey enquired: I have set up my hometheater pc as a media server for the playstation 3 and have many tv shows on that server. When I watch on the PS3 it will play one episode, then at the end of that episode it will just stop instead of continuing on to the next episode […]

How can I keep my Xbox 360 in good shape?

VGPzycho enquired: How can I keep my Xbox 360 in good shape? I just bought it 2 weeks ago and I really want to keep good care of it. So can anyone give me some advice to keep my Xbox 360 in good shape? I’ve also noticed there is always hair and dust on top […]

How to connect a PS3 controller that was connected to another PS3?

atmporsh911 enquired: Hey everyone, I have a question that I have been thinking about, but have been unable to solve. Say two PS3s are close to one another, with a controller attached to each. How would it be possible to take the controller from one PS3 and make it the second controller to the other […]

What is the difference between different PS3 models?

Jesus Freak enquired: Why is there a 40 gb PS3, a 60GB PS3, and an 80GB? What purpose does it function? The two previous playstations didn’t have this distinction. What does it mean for the player? Basically, what it boils down to is, which is the best model to buy for what purpose? Interesting Articles

Whats the difference between the xbox 360 arcade and the standard xbox?

sobe50418 enquired: I noticed on eBay that the Xbox 360 arcade version is a lot cheaper than the standard Xbox 360, why is this, can I do the same with the arcade version as I can with the Xbox that is $349 in best buy or the standard premium version? Interesting Articles

What is wrong with a Xbox 360 system if it does not allow you to play Xbox 360 games?

Michael B enquired: My Xbox 360 system will not allow me to play any of my Xbox 360 video games. Every time I enter one of them, it reads ‘Unplayable Disc’. This applies to them all and from inspecting it, I have not located any major scratches on them or anything really damaging. Interesting Content

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