How can i get the golden fishing rod in animal crossing for nintendo ds besides catching every fish?

Tweety enquired: how can i get the golden fishing rod in animal crossing besides catching every fish, that will take me forever cause you can only catch certain types of fish at certain times of the year! Interesting Articles

How do I use the fishing rod on Harvest Moon for DS?

jenwithglasses enquired: I’m not sure if this is a glitch in my game or I’m doing it wrong but I can’t seem to catch anything with my fishing rod. The bobber sits there and nothing happens, am I supposed to be wearing my touch gloves? Interesting Articles

How do I pick the right Fishing Rod and Reel?

SavageCoyote enquired: I want to get back into fishing. Haven’t done it since I was a kid in Idaho.(And miss it dearly, I was pretty good at it.) Now living in Nevada. I know some spots in my area that have bass and trout. And I what to go back to Idaho and fish the […]

What type of fishing rod should I get?

GT enquired: I’m going fishing for the first time, not sure where to get a rod from, what type of rod to get, or how much to spend. Should i get the cheapest one from wal-mart or is that a bad idea. Interesting Articles

What is the correct method of installing fishing line through the rod guides, inside the reel?

kimandandyjennings enquired: I just bought a zebco fishing rod, but the line was tangled inside, so I took the line out, untangled it, and now I don’t know how it gets wound around the guides before it gets threaded through the hole in the notched metal cap before going outside to the pole. Can you […]

fishing rod ?

jknf1234 enquired: what would be the best rod to get for river and sea fishing? max price £32. It would be good if most the tackle was in it too. eg hooks, weights, floats, etc probably river probably river mostly Also in the UK Interesting Content

What type of fishing rod would you use to go bait fishing?

Cameron enquired: I go bait fishing alot, but i have just recently started. I havn’t got my own rod yet so i was looking it up in a catalouge. Theres so many different type of rods: Coarse Carp Pole Fly – not this one – Sea I was wondering if maybe Coarse or something could […]

How big should your fishing rod be if you are 5 foot tall?

hobo6 enquired: I just got interested in fishing and wanted to know what size of fishing rod to get. Interesting Content

What are the parts of the fly fishing rod?

Lizzy enquired: I just got a fly rod the other day and it broke on our camping trip. I have to send in a form and I am not sure what the parts are the fly rod? Does anyone know the a website that has a picture of a Fly fishing rod and it shows […]

What is the best fishing rod for an eight year old?

Juggling Freak enquired: My little bro wants a bigger fishing rod than his little scooby doo one so which one is the best. P.S. he is 8 Interesting Articles