Callaway Big Bertha Drivers

April 15, 2009

Big Bertha drivers have been a gold standard, since 1991, for easy-to-hit, ultra-forgiving sticks that mid- and high-handicappers swear by. Big Bertha Diablo looks to spread the love to include highly skilled players, too. The three-piece, all titanium clubhead fuses a light, strong body to a lively clubface and a thin crown (Callaway’s thinnest ever at 0.027.

I recently started practicing with a Callaway Big Bertha driver. The performance was so outstanding that I was determined to test a full set of Callaway irons. However, I refused to pay the high price associated with an unused set. I decided to search all of my usual shopping sources to determine the best quality and type of Callaway clubs to get. I also needed to pay the best conceivable price! In my mission, I became educated on the fact that there are countless great sources for both new and used Callaway irons as well as golf accessories.

Callaway has a well standing reputation with its Callaway Big Bertha drivers, which have been used for many years by professionals and amateurs. Callaway’s introduction of the FT driver came in 2003 with the FT-3 driver, followed by the FT-5 and FT-i in recent years. The new 2009 FT-iQ driver has been praised by golf enthusiasts, including the Golf Digest Hot List award, due to its advancements in technology, testing results and player impact on the course. Concerning the FT-iQ, Taylor Made Golf states “it’s the longest, straightest driver we’ve ever created”.

The FusionTechnology (FT) currently being utilized by Callaway Golf has the potential to change the entire sport of golf, forever. This inertial design was created by Callaway Golf engineers in hopes of creating a design which balances all of the clubs’ best features, while optimizing club and player performance. The designers strived to stay away from directly concentrating on any one characteristic. Instead, they chose to explore all characteristics, to ensure the overall performance of the club was maintained in a balanced manner.

The goal in using Fusion Technology is not only to better overall performance, but to also make the clubs give optimum performance when hit off-center (with irons and woods). Using this technology helps the ball have maximum flight and distance, even when it’s not hit directly in the middle of the clubface. This is mostly due to Callaway’s design feature offering minimal clubhead movement when impact occurs.

So there is certainly your Callaway Big Bertha driver in the Callaway family.



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