Container gardening for your home.

December 2, 2008

Are you looking for something different, exciting, and rare?  Then unique plants will certainly fill your needs.  Unique plants are – attractive, delightful, and refreshing.  Keep in mind, because of their unique nature, most require special attention.

For example, topiaries fill the bill of being a one of kind plant, easily.  The definition tells it all.  This type of plant is formed by clipping shrubs and trees in various shapes.  The shapes can take on that of a circle, triangel, or and animal.  Topiary plants can be created by your own hands.  If you are not comfortable with creating your own, check with your local nursery and garden center for ready made topiaries, for sale.  Either way, the topiary can prove to be the unique plants you are looking for.

If not, try the exotic and simply beautiful bonsai plants.  The bonsai includes dwarfed trees or shrubs.  It is an art.  It takes skills that include not only the mind and hands, but the heart, too.  To own one and see it grow is simply amazing.  The bonsai is a growing piece of art.  They come in a wide variety, too.  You can select an elm, maple, pine, or blooming tree type.

Then there are the beautiful unique orchids.  Orchids require anywhere from easy care to high maintenance.  But what beautiful remarkable plants they are.  The colors vary from soft pastels to vibrant hues.  They draw not only unique insects in the wild, but the eyes and emotions of humans, too.  

Tropical plants include a wide variety of unique plants and flowers.  Most tropical plants require a temperamental environment.  If you need a tropical plant that has fewer requirements, try the hardy bromeliad family.  Bromeliads come in lush green foliage with blooms in vibrant colors.  Some can be grown with out soil.  They come in a wide variety, too. 

This is only a few suggestions, that you can try.  Our blog contains much more information on gardening advice.  However, there are more.  But for now, give one or two of these a try.  You will come to have greater enjoyment, creating attractive gardening, indoors.

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