Hawaii Weddings: So Much To Consider!

September 24, 2009

Weddings in Hawaii have always been popular for couples getting married, but with more and more couples looking for alternative and unusual weddings, destination weddings are growing in popularity. Hawaii is also a popular place for a honeymoon after a wedding or for a wedding vow renewal.

Selecting a location for a Hawaii wedding can often times be hard to do. Some people like the idea of remote locations, while others prefer resorts for their special event. A remote wedding means privacy, but it can also mean difficulties in travel for your guests unless if they rent cars or arrange for rides. Having a wedding at a resort on the other hand is often times more simpler, with several resorts offering all-inclusive Hawaii wedding packages which take care of the arrangements for you. But, having a resort wedding means it is less private.

Purchasing a Kauai wedding package is something that many couples are often doing these days. Kauai is the fourth largest Hawaiian Island, and is particularly scenic. It features beautiful mountains and grand waterfalls in addition to beautiful beaches found elsewhere in Hawaii. Having a wedding in Kauai typically means either a extra airplane trip, as few airlines fly directly from Untied States cities to Kauai.

A Hawaii wedding is often more relaxed, since they occur in natural settings instead of in a church. Brides usually wear lighter dresses, sometimes shorter in length. Grooms often wear khaki pants with Hawaiian shirts. Both may go barefoot or wear simple sandals. Flowers are readily available, with many tropical varieties to choose from. The officiant is usually a non-denominational professional, rather than a priest or pastor associated with a particular church.

A reception at a Hawaii resort will be very unique and is sure to be beautiful and marvelous. Several couples alter their receptions into a Hawaiian luau, with everything from the road pig to the standard hula dancers. The music can be anything you desire, from a guitar or harpist, string quartets, hula dancers with drummers, or even a solo ukulele. Having this once in a life time event on the beach can also mean a bonfire and dancing on the sand.

There are many options when planning a wedding, but choosing a Hawaii wedding package should be considered by any couple getting married. Hawaii is a beautiful state, and there are many professional wedding planners on the islands who are familiar with couples coming from out of state for a Hawaii wedding. They will assist you in your planning and will take care of the many details for you in helping make your dreams come true.


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