If Children Ruled The World, Divorce Would Be Illegal

December 30, 2008

If children were in charge one of the first pieces of legislation to be signed into law would be a ban on divorce. At least that’s what kids would do according to a recent U.K. poll conducted by Luton First in a partnership with the University of Luton. The annual study, conducted via on-line questionnaires, is an ongoing effort to identify what things are important to kids.

Their most recent study polled 1600 pre-teen kids and their responses are illuminating. Because, according to these kids, the second worst thing in the world was marital break-ups or separations. Undoubtedly the results would be similar if conducted here in the U.S.

According to divorce rate information, both divorce and separation can be devastating for a child. And the younger the child, the more a divorce or separation will probably affect them.

The most important thing that a parent can do is to recognize that divorce can cause separation anxiety in kids and to set about finding ways that can help alleviate the anxiety as much as possible. There are two main steps you can take to lower their anxiety levels:

1) Be honest with them. Make sure they know that he or she is not the reason for the separation.

2) Let them communicate with you. Don’t shunt them off to another room when the subject of separation comes up. Let them know what’s happening so that they are not in the dark.

Since divorce rate stats shows no slowdown in the number of divorces taking place, it’s important that we learn how best to deal with the children from the break-ups. Children are very resilient and most of them eventually will come to terms with their parent’s separating. But, if you make it easy on them, they will adjust much more quickly to the circumstances and hopefully with minimal psychological effects.


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