LifeCell Contemporary Wrinkle Cream for Younger Looking Skin

October 25, 2008

South Beach Skincare, Miami Beach, FL. In a promising step toward reversing the signs of aging, Miami-based company, South Beach Skincare, has designed a multiple-purpose, needle-free wrinkle treatment that combats facial cell damage. The product acts as an lifecell anti wrinkle cream, firming solution, 24-hour moisturizer, spot reducer, lip plumper, corrective under eye treatment and makeup base.

Unlike traditional cosmetics, LifeCell offers an all-in-one approach to preventing the signs of aging by promising fewer lines, as well as brighter, smoother and firmer skin in a single application. One of its ingredients, a non-toxic alternative to Botox called Acetyl Hexapeptide-3 (AH3), naturally tones and lifts skin while Ascorbyl Palmitate (a substitution for vitamin C) fights free radicals and prevents irritation.

The final outcome is a safe and natural wrinkle product that can be applied to all skin types. Without relying on injections or plastic surgery, LifeCell may be the answer to achieving the same results in a pain-free, less costly manner. LifeCell comes in a 75ml tube for a price of $189.00. In addition, South Beach Skincare offers a money-back guarantee on LifeCell orders placed through their website.

Dedicated users of LifeCell skin treatments for wrinkles insist they are seeing same-day results, including a dramatic difference in the appearance of crow’s feet, an increase in elasticity, evened skin tone, diminished age spots and the disappearance of dark circles. Changes are almost instantaneous, shown in 60 seconds in some cases. Quick results and convenience are increasing this product’s popularity.

I no longer have to lug around “5 to 10 different beauty creams” to my photo shoots. I just carry LifeCell, said “Hawaiian model Deviahnna Serpa” People think because I am a model I have some special magic potion that I put on my face everyday. That is just not the case. LifeCell is all I use.

South Beach Skincare

210 71st St Suite 307

Miami Beach, FL 33141

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