Making Your Home Beautiful With The Help Of Foliage Plant

January 21, 2009

Foliage plants are an integral part of any home garden, they are not effected by any seasonal changes and continue growing beautifully all year long. There are thousands of species and varieties of plants available. The choices of size, color, leaf shape, is unlimited.

The plants in this article are able to be grown in any location, any part of the country and easy to find and available anywhere. The Chinese evergreen, is one of the easiest plants in the world to grow. The plant does well in either water or soil and require minimal care, other than an occasional spray.

There are many different varieties with different characteristics. The most well known is the Silver Queen, and the stem is about three feet long and the leaves are pointed and can reach up to one foot in length. A commutatum is not as big, but the size and shape are similar and has dark green striped leaves that can reach up to ten inches in length. One of the most beautiful foliage plants is the coleus, which has leaves colored pink, yellow and brown that contrast strikingly against green. It is not harmful to water them with warmer water during the winter.

There are several popular varieties of the plant that has leaves ranging from an inch to up to eight inches. These varieties look best on pots and self watering containers. You can make the leaves larger by pinching them back and limiting the number allowed to grow. The plant is easily propagated by seeds or cutting, and make sure to use insecticides to prevent mealy bug infestation.

The Dracaena is a member of the lily family and has long striped leaves and can grow to large dimensions with leaves that can reach up to three feet long and possibly touching the ceiling. D. sanderiana, one of the more popular variety, have leaves that can measure up to ten inches in length and are green with a white border and grow in clusters. D. godseffiana, grows from a stalk and the leaves are green with white spots. D. fragrans, is the tall growing family member and should be propagated by air layering when it starts to grow overly tall and a bit more leggy. The plants do ideally well when kept at a consistent temperature year-round and you can increase your propagation by seeds or cutting the stems.

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