Play Better Golf Using Equipment that Matches You

October 29, 2008

People spend a lot of money buying golf equipment and golf swing training devices hoping to improve their scores , only to be disappointed. The problem is not with the clubs or the swing aid per se, it’s just that your golf clubs may not be fit perfectly to your body.

It has been repeatedly demonstrated that there are certain angles that your spine and arms need to be in to swing the golf club in the most efficient fashion. Golf clubs that are too long or too short can take you out of these optimal positions before you ever swing the club. This faulty setup is a guaranteed to produce a bad shot. Your body will either be out of position for the entire swing or you will be fighting to get back into the proper position, only to have the club head at the wrong place at impact. The end result will be poor shots, topped balls and shanks – not much fun.

The way out of this cycle is to get some custom clubs made for you. Custom made golf clubs sound really expensive and they can be if you go to your local club pro and try to have him make you a custom set. Remember that you are paying boutique prices at a local pro shop. They charge a heavy markup on the clubs they sell, which are already inflated from the manufacturer due to tour player endorsements and bloated TV advertising budgets. By skipping over all those middlemen costs, you can save a bundle of money some serious cash and still get great clubs.

I highly recommend that you save the money you normally pay to major golf manufacturers and buy clone golf clubs. You will get all the benefits at half the price (sometimes even up to 80% less!). The new clone clubs you buy will have all the same latest enhancements in golf technology, and best of all, they can be custom fit to you! There are several different online custom golf club fitters, but the best one I have found is Gigagolf. They have an easy eFit system that let’s you enter some easy measurements like your height and distance from hands to the ground. These allow them to build you a set of custom golf clubs using quality components that will improve your score and make the game more enjoyable. Here is a page that has all the current Gigagolf Coupons.

Go explore all your discount golf club clone options. They will help you play better golf , lower your handicap and help you have a lot more fun enjoying the game.

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