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April 12, 2009

The insurance market is vague to most clients. There are many assurers. As a private person you can hardly get the overview. Nevertheless one wants to obtain the best solution. Nowadays it is a good idea to use a tariff comparison web page as Beste private Altersvorsorge, when you are in need of a particular assurance. There you can retrieve your personal insurance quote from a great number of assurance suppliers.

Some important German assurances – for example Preisvergleich private Altersvorsorge – which are mentioned in this context are:

The private liability insurance: Even a slight mistake such as an error in giving way when bicycling, or a careless cast off cigarette may cause extensive damages. Especially when people come to damage, the claims of the victim may result in the financial ruin of the wrongdoer. There is no limitation to the top. Therefore the indemnity insurance is a must for everyone. With a private liability insurance you and your family have protection from the typical liability risks of everyday life in the private sector.

The property insurance: For a lot of persons the own house is the biggest investment in their life. Hazards such as fire, water or storm can cause immense damages or even a total loss. Therefore a house insurance is essential for every owner of a house. The furniture is not insured. This should be done by a separate household items assurance. The elements of fire insurance and tap water insurance should always be included. Natural hazards might be a great risk for your home. So everybody should search a building insurance which is covering these special risks. Insurance protection against storm damage should definitely be considered because of the rise of heavy storms during the past years in Germany.

The vocational invalidity insurance: Consumer protectors have repeatedly pointed out that the vocational disablement insurance besides the private liability insurance is the most important insurance at all. The loss of manpower is an existential risk. Because of being no longer able to work means to earn nothing. Physical hardship often is the result. The state barely helps in such a case – the statutory pension insurance pays only a minimal disability pension for all people born up from the year 1961. The reason for the predominant number of vocational disability cases is disease. Less common cause than disease is a previous accident. About every 4th worker and every 5th employee must terminate their jobs for sickness reasons before the time and must go into early retirement. When the claims for sickness benefits paid by the sickness assurance and for unemployment benefits are exhausted, you are confronted with a large money gap when not having an vocational disability insurance.

The German Riester-Insurance: The so called Riester-Pension is a government-funded private pension you can seize to close your personal pension gap. It is both safe and attractive: During the active working life, you pay contributions into a private annuity contract, a bank or savings fund, additionally you get growing state allowances and tax incentives as a bonus. Later you will receive monthly benefits a lifetime – in the form of an annuity or a payment plan. Each employed professional, who is not willing to rely on the governmental pension solely, should consider a Riester-Insurance contract. Also officials, judges and soldiers belong to the circle of beneficiaries of public support for Riester-Pension plans.

The dog liability insurance: Without a dog owner insurance every dog owner carries a very high risk of liability when his four-legged friend once causes a damage. When the dog runs over the street and causes a traffic accident, one can be held responsible for all damages of persons and vehicles. On the German insurance market there are many dog insurance companies. As a dog owner it is quite hard to find the right company and contract for your specific requirements. The research for the best assurance can be done on the Internet. There are good websites which offer gratis comparisons of German dog owner insurances.

The private health insurance: Private medical insurance can be taken by business owners – regardless of their earnings. As an employee you may switch to the private sickness insurance, if your annual gross salary lies 3 years in a row over the assurance limit of 48,150 Euros (equivalent to 4012.50 Euros a month, status of 2008). Also officials, judges and members of parliament are usually privately insured. The German private health insurance usually offers better benefits than the statutory health insurance. Many insurance suppliers give the option of making modulation to the tariff of the active agreement.

The above mentioned insurances and several more can be found at comparison websites on the Internet, such as: private Altersvorsorge Preisvergleich. This comparison website is independent from a single assurance provider and provides a nice overview of the market.


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