Sorting the Resorts in the Philippines

December 19, 2008

The Philippine archipelago is bestowed with large bodies of water, no wonder why most water lovers keep on visiting the Philippines. Resorts in the Philippines are numerous that you will really be confused where you will choose to stay.

From the north part even up to the southern most part of the “Pearl of the Orient,” you will surely be mesmerized with the different beach resorts.

Island-hop and enjoy the blue waters of the Batanes Region. Experience to swim in a two-foot water. In addition, do the same hopping in the ever famous Hundred Islands of Pangasinan in Luzon. Watch how the sea water engulfs the little islands when the transition of tides began. Wear you best swimsuit and diving gadgets as you leap into the clear blue waters of the island. Aside from that, you can also experience scuba diving. Most Philippine resorts in the north provide this kind of services in order to showcase at the same time the magnificent coral reef of the country.

If you are not the type of person who simply enjoys to lay down and tan your skin under the heat of the sun, hopping from Luzon to Visayan beach resorts are the bests for you! Experience the clear waters and white sand beaches of the ever-visited Boracay Island! Walk into its sand.

Almost all beach resorts in the Philippines now provide different amenities to add adventure. In the morning, do kayaking, banana boat ride and jet skiing. Do not worry about the budget because these are friendly to your pocket.

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