A Deeper Insight Into Time Lapse Photography

September 14, 2013


Like the name involves, time lapse photography is usually a professional technique in which the film rates are considerably lower than the velocity used to see the sequence. Put simply, whenever you play this video in a normal speed, time looks like it’s moving faster, it appears to be lapsing. It is basically the opposite of broadband photography, the other very good example is the motion from the sun: although it would normally take hrs with the sun to increase and hang up, after some time lapse photography you can see the complete process within several minutes.


This is a difficult technique also it involved nearly a year to master it, but this i will give you several essential tips that will assist you view the basics of energy lapse photography and make use of them beneficial for you:

1. Choose Your Subject


Time lapse photography utilizes some strict fundamental rules: a movie can comprise 1000s of photos animated at high speed, so you will discover them in a or two minutes. What you must do today to create this kind of video should be to lower the interval for every photo and merge them in a 24-30 frames per second video.


Choosing your subject would be the step one towards mastering time lapse photography, and fortunately there are many topics to choose from. As an illustration, if you’re obsessed with flowers and you’ve got an orchid that is certainly on the verge of bloom inside your backyard, then that could be a great idea for time lapse photography. The movement in the clouds, the increase of plants and the ice melting process are three other popular topics.

2. Find the Camera And Equipment You may need


An excellent opportunity a DSLR camera for time lapse photography, actions lead to the grade of the wonderful pictures have to be impeccable. I own a spare Sony DSLR i always use of these projects. Apart from the camera, you should have two basic items which should not miss from the kit: the tripod, that is an element very important soon enough lapse photography (simply because it keeps the camera stationary) as well as the intervalometers. Basically, intervalometers are special devices which will set your DSLR shutter button at a desired interval, be it Just a few seconds, 60 seconds or so, 10 minutes etc. The intervalometer is obviously worth the money: check what an enormous waste of time it would be just to push the button of your DSLR camera every minute, for 720 times, to trap direct sunlight because it rises and sets.


1. 3. Editing The Photos


Now that you’ve what must be done, you must realize that at the end of the morning you’re going to get hundreds or it could be thousands of photos that should be merged. It is a daunting task that needs plenty of skill and determination: imagine the amount you will need to decide on the white balance, to crop and edit the brightness settings for the pictures and many others. Editing might be tedious, though the consequence is unquestionably more than worth it!


To summarize, these are the basic tips you have to remember if you would like focus on time lapse photography. If you use a Sony DSLR like I do, however highly recommend the Sony np-bx1 battery.


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