Amazing Concert Venues In Hong Kong

July 9, 2013

Adventurers will be shocked by the range of concert venues in Hong Kong. Performances at Hong Kong concert locations are very much influenced by neighboring China as well as Western culture. British influence is noticable because of China’s long occupation of the island country of Hong Kong. The list below includes the top-rated concert locales.

Kwai Tsing Theatre

Seating up to 899 theater goers, the Kwai Tsing Theatre is the center for experimental and small scale performances. The facility is fairly new and opened in 1999. Performances include standard Chinese shows as well as magic shows and pop concerts.

Hong Kong Cultural Centre

The HK Cultural Center is amongst the most noted concert locales in Hong Kong. It’s home base to the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra. Found close to the Tsim Sha Tsui Clock Tower with a background of modern skyscrapers, the Hong Kong Cultural Centre is a cultural gem of downtown Hong Kong. The facility boasts the biggest pipe organ in the East, with an astounding 8000 pipes. The key concert hall is clad in fine oak and can service 2019 visitors in 2 tiers. The Cultural Centre has been equipped with a technically advanced changeable acoustic cover and curtains. The 1734 seat Grand Theatre was specifically designed for enormous opulent operas, ballets and musicals. The facility also has a three hundred seat theater called the Studio Theatre made use of for smaller performances. The facility current hosts a variety of musical performances including orchestral, ballets, musicals and operas.

Hong Kong City Hall

The original City Hall was a 2 story renaissance style masterwork imagined by famous French designer Maitre A. Mermite. Hong Kong City Hall operated as executive offices from its opening in 1869 until being bought by the Hong Kong Bank in 1933. The present building, which opened in 1962, is the brain child of British designers Alan Fitch and Ron Phillips. The Hong Kong City Hall building’s design employed the “World” style, which was intensely preferred at the time and made from polished metal and concrete. It boasts a formidable 1434 seat concert hall and 463 seat theatre. The multi-purpose facility has a selection of shows including ballets, operas and orchestras.

Tuen Mun City Hall

Found in northwest HK the Tuen Mun City Hall functions as the area’s main cultural center. The Auditorium has a capacity of 1372 and has a cutting edge sound system. The room is laid out to accommodate classical performances with a roomy stage and removable rows that provide additional room for larger orchestras. The Tuen Mun City Hall also has a Cultural Activities Hall capable of easily seating three hundred guests on tiered platforms.

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