DC’s Famous Artists

November 25, 2013

The nation's capital has introduced several famous artists from Washington DC to the country and to the planet. A few of these artists were born in DC and have since moved on, while others still make their home in the nation's capital. Their talents have been recognized both nationally and around the globe.

Blair Brown

This well-known artist, 64, is one of one or two famous artists from Washington, DC. The actress is known for her many high visibility roles in TV, film, and theater. She played the title personality in a 1980s television drama, “The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd.” Her role in the Broadway play “Copenhagen” earned her a Tony Award. Television viewers can see her in “Fringe,” a Fox science-fiction series.

Brown was born in Washington, DC. Her mother was a teacher and her pa was a United States intelligence agent. Brown graduated from the Madeira School, a personal preparatory school for girls, before chasing a theater education in Canada. Ever since her first film, the 1973 movie “The Paper Chase,” Brown has had numerous roles in film, TV, stage, and voiceover work. To learn lots more about Brown, one of the Washington DC famous artists, see her autobiography page on the Fox “Fringe” internet site.

Sean Chen

Sean Chen, 43, is also recognised as amongst the famous artists in Washington DC. While some Americans could be unfamiliar with his name, they are probably going to recognize his work. Chen is an Asian-American comic illustrator, and he's best known for his illustrations in “Electra,” “Iron Man,” “Nova,” “The X-Men,” and “X-O Manowar.”

An alumni of Carnegie Mellon Varsity, Chen received his varsity degree in economic design. His art career commenced when UK illustrator-painter Barry Windsor-Smith discovered his talent. After working for a period at Bold Comics, Chen went on to Marvel Comics, where he lends his abilities to their Creative Services Division. To find out more about one of today’s famous artists in Washington DC, visit Chen’s official internet site.

Roberta Flack

Several distinguished musicians have called Washington, DC home – from John Phillip Sousa and Duke Ellington to Marvin Gaye and Cass Elliott. Roberta Flack, age seventy three, grew up in Virginia, in a city called Arlington. She is the most famous artist from Washington DC. She found her early musical inspiration in the music of the African-American Baptist church. After getting a music education from Washington’s Howard College, a traditionally black varsity, she taught school in the DC area. In this time, her music career began to take shape.

One of the best-known Washington DC famous artists, Flack is outstanding for diverse music genre: jazz, soul, rhythm and blues, and folks. Her voice is immediately recognised in songs like “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face,” “Killing Me Softly With His Song,” “Where is the Love,” and “The Closer I Can You. “.

Helen Gerogette has had an interest in Washington DC art scene for a number of years. She has written op-eds and editorial pieces for many online publications. For the details about famous artists from Washington DC please click here and visit her site.


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