Destinations To See Seattle Arts

November 24, 2013

Visitors to Seattle can explore one of the plentiful arts centers in the city of Seattle. There are plenty of opportunities for visitors to learn about the uniqueness and splendor of the fine arts in Seattle during vacationers stay. Many of the venues feature lovely paintings, modern sculptures and tempting displays of performance art.

Seattle Art Museum

Artwork from locations such as Africa, Europe and Asia are displayed through this Seattle arts center. The museum also features many Native American artworks. Visitors can use computer screens, audio tours and wall texts to further learn more about the art pieces in the museum. The museum offers free admission to all visitors every first Thursday of the month. This famous museum can be explored near Seattle’s picturesque waterfront.

Marion Oliver McCaw Hall

This performance locale serves as the home of the Seattle Opera and also showcases many different kinds of live art. Visitors can attend one of the shows in this hall to see a concert of gorgeous classical music or wonderful ballet. In December, with assistance from many top-class dancers, the hall puts on several performances of Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite. The venue even hosts performances of a number of the top pop music acts. The hall is located inside the Seattle Center, which is also the site of the internationally famous Space Needle.

Seattle Asian Art Museum

Visitors who would like to see some of the best collectibles from The Far East can visit this Seattle arts center. Many ancient statues and artifacts can be seen at the museum. There are also many exhibits paying homage to the ancient faiths of Asia. Like the Seattle Art Museum, visitors to this establishment can gain admission for free each first Thursday of the month. The museum sits on top of historical Capitol Hill on the calm grounds of Volunteer Park.

Broadway Performance Hall

This smaller location seats just below 300 spectators, allowing for a intimate experience with the performing arts. Visitors can come to this locale to see elaborate performances from flamenco acts, comics and live dramatic performers. The hall also includes art films and spoken word performances. The locale is located along Broadway Avenue on Capitol Hill, a well-liked area for the hipster crowd.

Photographic Center Northwest

This location of fine arts in Seattle showcases many pieces of up to date and historical photo works. Guests can see the exhibitions of national and international photographers. Visitors can even partake of one of the conventions or courses offered to learn lots more about the subtleties of artistic photography. This museum is situated in Seattle’s First Hill neighborhood.

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