Fun Theme Parks In Detroit

December 8, 2013

Detroit?s a hard working and hard playing city. Thanks to its sizeable and busy population, Detroit knows the simplest way to deliver fun to its residents and visitors. There are numerous theme parks in Detroit to spend an electrifying day at, with 1 or 2 offering some historical features also.

Stagecoach Stop USA

This is definitely one of the top theme parks in Detroit, thanks to its unique theme of the old West. This western town attraction is packed with all the expected Western themes, such as gunfight shows, duels, taverns serving old time sarsaparilla root beer, and stagecoach rides. Although it is around an hour drive from the Metro Detroit area, it is sure to provide at least a half days worth of good old fashioned entertainment. The park recently closed its petting zoo and rides, however it's still open on the weekends. The park can be contacted at 517-467-2300.

Cedar Point

One of the bigger amusement parks near Detroit, Cedar Point is a very popular stop for amusement and theme park goers. This is due to the fact that it isn't only packed full of great rides and roller-coasters (it has the biggest choice of any park in the whole world), but also includes one of the finest Detroit water parks. This entertainment park is of historical import as well because it happens to be the second oldest amusement park in the U. S.. It is found on the edge of Lake Strange, offering great views of the Lake from the park’s tallest rollercoaster, the Magnum. It is a fun park to visit with the entire family, containing many wonderfully landscaped areas, ice-skating shows, water rides, food, drink, and souvenir outlets, and children’s areas. In 2007, the park built their latest ride, the Maverick, a 4,450 foot long coaster which features a 95 degree drop, many tunnels and twisted turns. Even though it is about a 2 hour drive from the town, it is definitely worth the trip!

Crossroads Village and Huckleberry Railroad

This is literally a complete hamlet of 35 historic buildings constructed in the theme of a 19th century town. With a working locomotive offering train rides to youngsters. Crossroads Village and Huckleberry Railroad has many attractions consistent with the 1800s; craftspeople demonstrating woodworking, metal smithing and candlestick making, opera house shows, mock school study rooms and classes, and more. There is also a totally functioning important carousel, as well as gondola rides and the Genesee Belle, an authentic paddleboat on which visitors can take short rides on the stream. All the costumed residents make visiting this attraction a very unique step back into older, faster times.

Michigan’s Adventure and WildWater Adventure

One of the very best Detroit water parks, Michigan’s Journey also has many high octane roller coasters and is probably one of the biggest parks in the area. There are numerous great attractions in the park for children, kids and thrill seekers of all ages. Some of the more aggressive rides include Cyclone Zone, Snake Pit, Corkscrew and Thunderhawk that reach high speeds and aren't for kids or the faint of heart. The roller coaster thrill rides are part of Michigan’s Adventure, while the water rides are part of Wildwater Journey, one of the Detroit water parks. Michigan’s Adventure and WildWater Adventure are separate but offer fascinating rates for residents or visitors who need to have a thrill-filled weekend.

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