Getting To Know Washington DC History

November 27, 2013

The Smithsonian Institute oversees many of the Washington, D.C. Museums. In all, there are nineteen. In addition, there are many smaller historical, governmental and private museums in the bigger Washington, D.C. Area. The Smithsonian Institute oversees 19 of the finest museums in the country and they're free to the public. Whether interesting in digging up the past, learning how to fly or observing scientific discovery in the making, there is something for everybody. Washington DC museums offer something for everyone from science to art to history.

National Air and Space Museum

One of the most well liked museums in Washington DC is the National Air and Space Museum. It houses the largest space and air collection in the world with over 50,000 objects including spacecrafts, aircrafts, rockets, spacesuits, balloons and artwork. In addition, it houses countless images, documents, films and manuscripts. With its many and varied displays, this museum appeals to young and old alike. For those who love space and flight this museum is incredible. Some of the exhibits include the Wright Brothers, Lunar exploration automobiles the history of space flight and WWII aviation. Visitors can also experience flight in the Flight Simulator Zone.

National Museum of American History

The National Museum of American History is the perfect place for people that love history. Among Washington DC museums, the Nat has an enormous collection of artifacts that span history, culture, the arts, science, medication and technology. Though it may appeal more to the older crowd, it has something for everyone. Some of the most interesting exhibits include lasers, inventions, boarding, the history of money, the history of the presidents and the 1st women, America at war through the ages and 19th century America.

National Museum of Natural History

The National Museum of Natural History has a collection of over 126 million examples and artifacts. Many of those artifacts and samples are placed on loan to other museums across the land. This museum is amongst the most visited museums in Washington DC It is appealing to young and old alike. There are several hand-on experiences for the very young including one or two Discover stations, a Forensic Lab, and the Discovery Room. Other interactive programs for every age include the Butterfly Pavilion and the IMAX Theater. The museum also has countless exhibits including birds, mammals, dinosaurs, insects, the sea, traditional Egypt, bones and the universe.

Smithsonian American Art Museum

The North American Art museum displays artwork from over 7,000 artists around the nation. There are numerous art medias represented including photographs, prints, sculptures, paintings and drawings. There are several lovely artworks displayed across the museum. One is Georgia O’Keefe’s Manhattan. One awfully clarifying sculpture is For SAMM, which was developed by Jenny Holzer. This sculpture is literally made of lights. Another engaging sculpture is the Game Fish, which was developed by Larry Fuente. It was made from small gewgaws, beads and toys. This museum appeals to art fans and the older crowd.

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