Having Fun At Indianapolis Amusement Parks

July 18, 2013

Below we have a list with some amusement parks in Indianapolis you don’t want to miss, if visiting the city. Take some time to enjoy and have fun at these theme parks and water parks in Indianapolis.

Indiana Beach

One does not expect to see enormous waterslides towering over the cornfields of Indiana, but they're there. Indiana Beach is one family’s dream to put a pool in their cornfield run amok. When is comes to Indianapolis water parks Indiana Beach is head and shoulders above the rest. Indiana Beach is the king of Indianapolis water parks and boasts about 40 rides, a water park, diners, clubs, and 6 rollercoasters. Three traditional wooden roller coasters that thrill their riders with crazy hairpin turns and twists. The Steel Hawg is Indiana’s first all-steel roller coaster and still has the sharpest descent in America at 111-degrees. The Massive Flush is a water-coaster than offers 2 options to riders. They can either enjoy the crazy twists of the blue tunnel or experience the buzz of the unseen in the pitch-black interior of the Dark Tunnel. This Indianapolis water park offers six slides, a lazy “action” river, and a swimming area with a sand beach.

Holiday World

Holiday World is a different type of entertainment park. At Holiday World, patrons can experience 4-unique holidays all in the exact same day. Holiday World is the state's first entertainment park. It is unique among of theme parks in Indianapolis. This 120-acre park maintains that sentimental, old-amusement park feel and is really one of the finest entertainment parks in Indianapolis. Folks will appreciate the free soda at the park, and the youngsters and elders alike will adore the impressive wooden roller-coasters. Must rides at Holiday Park include the world-famous Raven, the Legend, and the Voyage.

Richard Petty Driving Experience

For those with a need for speed, there is no holier ground than Indianapolis, Indiana, and the Richard Petty Driving Experience lets you let the rubber meet the road and stomp on the gas. Whether attendees want to put their hands on the wheel and experience firsthand the feeling of a 600-horsepower racing machine or if just being a passenger is sufficient, the Richard Petty Racing Experience can look after it all.

Great Times Family Fun Park

Infrequently just riding a go-kart and playing a little skee-ball or putt-putt is the best way to spend an afternoon. On days like that, Great Times Family Fun Park is the ideal place to be. They offer several Go-kart tracks for all skill levels, fender boats, 2 18-hole miniature golfing courses, an indoor playground for the kids, and a 22,000 square foot game room.

Climb Time Indy

Some people’s idea of fun is hanging by their fingers and toes with nothing between them and the ground but 40 feet of air. For those folks, Climb Time Indy is paradise. Climb Time Indy offers over 8,500 square feet of climbing surface, and they change the routes weekly. With this much space and variety, even the most experienced of climbers will find a serious challenge.

Abbey Garrison has been fascinated by attractions Indianapolis for several years. She has written op-eds and editorial pieces about attractions in Indianapolis for many online publications. For more details about theme parks in Indianapolis please visit her site.


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