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November 24, 2013

Visiting the great city of Houston with your family is fun and informative. There are zoos, aquariums, nature preserves and zoos in Houston that should be on you and your family’s list of attractions to visit. Induce your youngster’s love of nature and re-kindle your own by going to see the many kinds of fish and animals at these destinations.

Houston Zoo

Set up in 1922, the Houston Zoo is present in the Medical District near Hermann Park. When the Houston Zoo opened, it had less than 40 animals, but has grown to incorporate fifty five acres of land with over 6,000 animals on exhibit. The zoo in Houston has activities for everyone, including vulture, flamingo and bat feedings, talks with the keepers of different animals, tortoise encounters, and watching red panda sessions. Animal exhibits include a reptile and amphibian building, petting zoo, 230 species of birds, an Asian elephant habitat, world of primates, and an African forest, complete together with rhinos and giraffes.

Feed the Giraffes at the Houston Zoo

There aren't lots of zoos in the world that allow you to feed the giraffes, but this zoo in Houston offers its patrons that opportunity. Older children will also love the 4D theater, while babies and the young will enjoy rides like the carousel. By going directly to this zoo, you will be supporting 1 or 2 projects that help conserve many alternative endangered animal life species and threatened natural habitats. The Houston Zoo is open year-round, excluding Xmas Day.

Houston Aquarium

You will find more than just fish at the Central Aquarium. Located on 6 acres, the Central Aquarium home to over two hundred species of nautical animals and fish, but there are birds and mammals, too! Visit the Maharaja Church tiger exhibit for something special. The Houston aquarium even offers those interested a chance to sleep overnite close to the tigers ‘ enclosure.

Your family will learn about the animal life that is local to Louisiana swamps includingsnapping turtles, catfish, alligators, crayfish and bullfrogs while the Rain forest exhibit features attractive macaws, piranhas, snakes, and stingrays. Have a wonderful time attempting to find the electrical eel or reticulated python in the Sunken Church. There in addition are 3 touch tanks so children can experience close encounters with different forms of sea life.

The Houston aquarium offers entertainment rides, too including a train ride across the property, a massive ferris wheel, a carousel, and the Lighthouse Drop a thrill ride with a 65-foot plunge! Downtown Aquarium is open everyday with extended hours on Fri. And Sat.

Armand Bayou Nature Center

If you would like to observe fauna in a natural setting, the Armand Bayou Nature Center has over 2,500 acres of property to explore. There are butterfly gardens, and even an 1800s farm site to go to visit in order that you can find out about how Houston’s first settlers lived. With unmarred marshes and forests, this preserve is ideal for hiking and bird watching. There in addition are some animal exhibits, including a few kinds of snakes, spiders, birds, and bison. Pontoon ship or canoe tours are another neat way to explore this nature center. Their hours of operation alter across the year, so consult their web site before visiting.

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