Motion Picture Review – “The Greatest”, A Deeply Relocating Movie About Grief Starring Pierce Brosnan

November 27, 2013

“The Greatest” is a deeply shifting and complicated film about grief and regarding how a spouse and children survives after the loss of their in close proximity to ideal son. The film stars Pierce Brosnan and Susan Sarandon as an affluent few whose life are shattered when their oldest son is killed inside a car or truck crash. The moment that they had an orderly happy existence, he as a school mathematics professor and she as being a keep at your house mom codling her two sons. The unexpected and surprising dying of eighteen-year-old Bennett (Aaron Johnson) sends them into uncharted territory for which they are sick organized.
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The exceptional performances with the cast transcend clinical depictions of grief and provides us characters which might be each special and unforgettable. Looking at this movie, I discovered myself deeply connected to their plight plus the ache they felt. Sarandon is strikingly sympathetic as the frail nevertheless obsessive mom who would like details about her sons past times. Brosnan’s quiet demeanor skillfully masks a person hiding his deep internal turmoil. The trip household with the cemetery provides us the main glimpse of your grief this spouse and children faces. It truly is a protracted scene and the mother, father, and remaining son sit silently as being the limousine moves by tree line neighborhoods. For Brosnan, it truly is a non-verbal monologue, a sonnet you may say, with regard to the intensive emotional suffering because of reduction, sorrow, and his deep disappointment and psychological soreness. We virtually experience he’ll implode. This scene sets the stage for exactly what is to stick to and asks the problem, can this family members endure this catastrophic lose?

Though the movie staggers with the grieving phase, the mother and father as well as their remaining son (Johnny Simmons) approach their agony individually and in another way. They’re nearly non-responsive and deadened via the lose. There is certainly a hint of the current affair concerning the maths professor and his lovely colleague (Jennifer Ehle) just before the son’s death, a tale facet that could happen to be designed even more. On to this grey stage arrives a ray of sunshine while in the kind of Rose (“An Education’s” Carey Mulligan), Bennett’s new girlfriend who was injured while in the car accident. She shows up with the parent’s dwelling pregnant with Bennett’s youngster. Her existence sends a deeper divine into this polarized family, but her gentle touch bit by bit heals the suffering and provides them hope whenever they understand she was their son’s biggest really like.
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Bennett and Rose’s long-gestating romance, informed in flashbacks, delivers a genuine poignancy that may resonant well with filmgoers. Even though the film lacks a strong narrative cohesiveness, the performances allow it to be entertaining. The very fact which the characters grieve insulated from one another can make relationships challenging to script. Every single has an internal fight and they are so immersed of their personal sorrow they not able to console each other. It really is Rose who will make them see their folly. She assists them find out that enjoy and time will mend the soreness. “The Greatest” is actually a film that should find a house within the hearts of these in a position to face up to a goodly level of horrendous grief and stick all-around to get a most gratifying and enjoyable ending.

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