New Orleans’ Outstanding Art Galleries

December 13, 2013

New Orleans and the city is well known for the diversity of art and galleries within city. The old Warehouse District is now called the Art District with a number of the old warehouses being modified into magnificent galleries. Other districts that are graced with a lot of New Orleans art galleries in the Faubourg Marigny, Garden District and French Quarter.

The Contemporary Arts Center

The contemporary Arts Center is one of those old warehoused transformed into a modern gallery composed from 30,000 sq. feet in 1976. It displays photography, sculpture, paintings music, theater, dance and other performance art. Visual arts are rotated over the course of the year and come from local, national and international artists to keep tempting visitors to one of the very best art galleries in New Orleans.

The New Orleans Art Museum

The New Orleans Art Museum opened in 1911 by an entrepreneur Isaac Delgado. It’s the oldest fine arts museum in the area and has a large permanent collection that includes French, American, African, and Japanese works. It also is composed of Arts of the Americas, photography and art glass. Works come from may different time periods and include those of Degas and Picasso, and can be dated way back to pre-Columbian times. The Sydney and Walda Besthoff Sculpture Garden is composed of many acres of landscaped trees, trails and pools in which 60 sculptures make their home.

Arthur Roger Art Gallery

One of the art galleries in New Orleans which has been there for quite some time is the Arthur Roger Art Gallery. It originally opened in the Garden District, but moved to the Art District in 1988 to grow themselves in to a few separate gallery areas. The gallery was instrumental in the renewal for Arts in New Orleans in 2006. The gallery operates over a few locations and shows works from a variety of modern artists.


Barristers was initially found on Royal Street in the French Quarter and exhibited fine and folk art made by African Artists in a gothic and dark atmosphere. It now resides in a much bigger, less dishevelled building on St. Claude in the Garden District and exhibits carvings, paintings, lithographs, masks, sculpture and other media forms of art that are quite wondrous with many exhibits devoted to spirituality.

New Orleans ArtWorks

New Orleans ArtWorks is in the Arts District and offers works and demos in glass blowing, torchworks and printmaking. Even though there are several items on show in the gallery, visitors can also attend workshops to create their own works of art in a diverse variety of media including paper, metal and glass. It's one of the best New Orleans art galleries and learning centers.

A Gallery for Fine Photography

This gallery is devoted to photos and found on Charles Street. It presents around a dozen different exhibitions per year in a 5000 square foot gallery. All photos are original coming from the photographer or reliable sources.

Harrison Feldman has been fascinated by New Orleans art galleriesfor many years. He has written op-eds and editorial pieces for many online publications, which can be read here.


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