Painting A Tale With Photo Photography

January 23, 2014

Candid and spontaneous pictures taken during a session are occasionally the ones our customers love the most. We always ask them to bring something private that reflects who they may be at this time in there lives. For seniors it is most frequently some sports equipment a musical instrument. They also love bringing their pets. We've had everything form cats and dogs to snakes and horses. For more junior children it’s customarily a favorite toy that's near and dear to them.

Having some personal items available in a photo session makes getting those candid’s a straightforward process.

The best way to tell a tale about a senior that I have come up with is to get seniors really involved in the session. I’lI start by having them show me what they brought and then have them tell me why it’s important to them. It's superb how swiftly they open up when they are talking about something they love. When they're interacting with me this way, they're engaged and relaxed and some great candids and a fascinating story can be caught.

With the younger kids I really like to put them on the set with their favorite toys and just let them play and have some fun. I try and do very little directing and if their sufficiently old, I just talk with them about the toys and what their doing with them. After a few minutes they don't even know they're here to be snapped and a wonderful story begins to emerge.

Footage are generally thought to be worth one thousand words. The most valuable thing that we all share on this earth is time. It is the only thing that we are able to give away and never get back. While we may only be on this earth for a set time, our portraits will live on for ever. Photographs are freeze frames of moments of time you can only get back through an image. Simply by picking up an old photograph you can unexpectedly emerge yourself into a sea of emotion. Is capturing a moment in your life truly worthwhile? I believe the answer is quite obvious.

Senior photos are instant history lessons that offer you a window to the past. Ways of life can be explored in clear detail with a picture and your inventiveness. We consistently use footage that past cultures created to learn about what they were like. Do you have a documented history of your life for future generations?

Pictures have a singular way of capturing minute details. Video is lovely , but hails in comparison to the detail you get with a simple photograph. You can capture everything down to the feel of your skin in a photograph. These minor details all help capture the basis of the image and moment of time portrayed.

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