San Antonio Fine Arts Scene

September 30, 2013

San Antonio isn’t just home to tumbleweeds and rodeos, but a great selection of fine arts. This town has grown to become a heavy player in the domain of performing and visible arts in the States. Deep in the state of Texas, the finest in theatre, ballet, classical music, opera and design are alive, well and prospering. Here is a peek at the top picks that locals and travelers to San Antonio have to offer.

San Antonio Museum of Arts

The most noted art works from around the globe and all though history have passed through the walls of this grand museum. Housed in the classic Lone Star Brewery Complex, the San Antonio Museum of Arts is both alluring and educational for all the family. The museum features classical ECU, standard Egyptian and Asian art as well as regionally made works. As well as the numerous hypnotizing exhibits, the museum offers a guest artist lecture series and extra instructional opportunities for kids and younger teens.

San Antonio Opera

Started by a single opera frontman and his dream, this company has grown to be an absolutely backed opera company that is ranked one of the finest in The States. The San Antonio Opera was at first called the San Antonio Pocket Opera thanks to the meager pocket of cash that Mark Anton Richter used to get the company on its feet. Now in its second decade, the San Antonio Opera is home to top opera vocalists and host to the likes of Placido Domingo and other opera legends. There are many great performances that take place here, and you will not want to miss out.

Ballet San Antonio

Not every ballet company has the die-hard support of their city in the way that Ballet San Antonio does. With a continuously growing subscription based audience, Ballet San Antonio mounts productive productions annually. The Firm has demonstrated the San Antonio humanities are in a league with the very best of NY, Chicago and Boston. With a company of close to 75 essentially impressive dancers, audiences are habitually staggered by their capabilities in ballet and dance season after miraculous season.San Antonio humanities wouldn't be nearly so forceful without the presence of the non-profit performance firms which make this community a genuine home to artists.

SATCO Theatre

The SATCO Theatre has been bringing striking dramatic productions to the people of San Antonio since 1995. A full season of repertory and new works are enjoyed by families, urban hipsters and the senior community all season long. The company is run totally on donations and community efforts. This is really one of the top theaters in the town. This theater is a great example of the kind of great community spirit that one can find in San Antonio, and if there are any shows that are taking place here, you shoudl definitely go pay a visit.

San Antonio Symphony

One does not need to Leave the lone star state to hear the very best of classical music. The San Antonio Symphony proves the fine arts in San Antonio are a force to be reckoned with. With an orchestra made of the finest classical musicians in Texas, the San Antonio Symphony brings the works of Beethoven, Mozart, Vivaldi and more to heaps of dedicated patrons night after night. There are countless special visiting guest performances as well as a summer series to delight the finest in musical tastes. Don’t miss out on visiting the symphony when on your vacation.

Geena Savage has been fascinated by San Antonio fine arts for many years. She has written op-eds and editorial pieces for many online publications. For more information about the San Antonio art scene come and visit his site by clicking here.


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