The Most Popular Indianapolis Religious Landmarks

December 4, 2013

Indianapolis is not just the largest metropolitan in Indiana state, it is also the capital of the state also. Indianapolis is known for being home to the Indianapolis Colts, the Indianapolis Speedway and a downtown area full of lots of shops, restaurants, attractions and things to do and see. Religious landmarks in Indianapolis can be experienced across the town and surrounding area. Religious sites in Indianapolis are a nice addition to any Indianapolis trip, as many of the sites are also significant in nature and help to showcase the cultural variance found in Indianapolis. Do yourself a favor and read the following to find more about great Indianapolis activities.

Christ Church Cathedral

Mentioned on the National Register of Historic Places, the Christ Church Cathedral is among the more architecturally amazing Indianapolis religious landmarks. Built in 1857, the church draws crowds who come to look at the unique building and admire the Tiffany stained glass windows that really to come to life when the sun reflects off of the surfaces of them.

Scottish Rite Cathedral

Celebrating some of the Scottish heritage of the area, this is one of the most popular spiritual landmarks in Indianapolis. This Gothic style cathedral is virtually surreal in its appearance, and is the topic of many footage by those that come to bask in the great thing about the building itself. The interior of the church has four rooms which can be toured and include the Tiler’s room which is covered in detailed and impressively hand carved wood and marble, the Ballroom and Lounge utilized for formal affairs and the Auditorium which is Medieval Gothic in design and importance.

Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church

Paying tribute and homage to the amazing African American culture found across the city of Indianapolis, the Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church stands as a testament to sheer sweetness of the Indianapolis religious landmarks that entice crowds and travellers from across the entire world. Once a stop along the Underground Railroad, this is the oldest African church left standing in Indianapolis. The inside and outside of the church, which only stands as a historically significant site now, shows a really simplistic design and echoes the strife of the past based on the sheer level of simplicity of the design.

Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church

Though many religious sites in Indianapolis are found throughout the town center, the hypnotizing Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church is found around 2 miles from the centre of the town itself. Built in 1875 as the German State Catholic Church, this church remains a tribute to the German history and way of life of the area. Stained glass, elaborate gold displays, high ceilings and statues give a virtually larger than life feel to this church.

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