The Top 5 Preferred Game App Categories

December 18, 2013

When you are traveling to work or you are simply bored at home, there is little more gratifying than reaching for your telephone and playing some really fun (and often very addictive) games. The top categorised applications that are generally accessible for download.

Top classes include quizzes, classic games, art, music and plan.

1. Quizzes

You can test your cortex, your general information and your overall intelligence with a range of quiz-style game applications. Preferred programmes such as BrainTeaser Intense, Huge Quiz and Guess the Celebrity all have decorative unique formats and are good for wide audiences. Guess That Celebrity in particular is well liked by people who like their A-list gossip and also love their celebrity spotting. This type of game tests your knowledge using different celebrity classes as well as photos of the stars with different name options below. It is easy to get hints and eliminate options or guess outright to earn the most points.

Very addictive!

2. Classic Games

For a little bit of fun nostalgia, you can select classic games such as Solitaire, Tetris or Tic Tac Toe and play them in a way more “up to date” way on your android or iPhone with no need to deal with the stiff keyboard keys of your Windows 95 computer from 1999…

3. Artistic

Whether you?re making something or making a guess what somebody else has drawn, Draw Something is still one of the most played creative apps available. With over 37 million downloads to date and more than 1 bln active users per month, this is a great game to play with friends as well as strangers. There are also kids finger painting art games which you can let your youngsters loose with – while not having to worry about the mess!

4. Musical

For those that have a talent for singing or simply have a musical ear, apps such as Sing Me Something or Songpop can keep you entertained for ages. Sing Me Something tests your karaoke abilities and is similar to Draw Something in the way in which your opposition desires to guess it! Or you need to use Songpop (which is equivalent to Guess the Celebrity in the way you are using your abilities to guess) to do music edits and identify top songs.

5. Plan

Strategic games are for folk who know they have a lot of time to kill. They're also superb for any individual that likes to use their strategic minds to win. Games that are good for you if you love the “strategy” side of a lot of games are Battleship or Plants vs. Zombies. Battleship is one of those mawkish method games which you have likely played a board game version of, whereas Plants vs. Zombies is an entertaining game where you get to kill masses of virtual living dead by attacking them with the plants in your virtual home. Use your decision-making skills to win any good method game and you can exercise your logical brain and at the exact same time have a heap of fun!

Gaming and definitely entertaining and musical games have been part of my life for a long time. My last app is Guess That Celebrity a cool multi player celebrity guessing game.


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