Top Art Galleries And Museums In Jacksonville

November 24, 2013

Though the city of Jacksonville does not boast a colourful art community as other enormous towns in the country, there are still plenty of Jacksonville art studios for all art fans and fans visiting this city. The town is home to numerous glorious art studios and inspiring museums demonstrating major sculptures, paintings and art works.These are some examples of the premiere picks among all favored art studios in Jacksonville.

Thurston Art Studio

The well respected Thurston Art Studio boasts the art works of the legendary artist Ms. Thurston, who is well known commonly as a multi proficient artist in Jacksonville. The studio has some of the best creations of Thurston that encompasses a superb spread of portraits, nature scenes with animals and landscapes with lush flora shown in a creative way. Ms. Thurston is respected not only as a glorious artist, but AKA an author; she has made a book about Sneads Ferry. The artist cum writer is also popular for her brand design gifts.

Thurston Art Studio is a must-visit spot for all art fans visiting Jacksonville.

Visit the studio and explore the Ms.

Thurston’s surprising creations on show. Art works of this multi proficient artist include many sophisticated local perspectives and landscape portraits, made with a colourful mixture of colours to represent the pretty wonder of nature.

Listed among the best art studios in Jacksonville, the South Light Studio is a local art galley that promotes the art works of 1 or 2 detectable artists from the Jacksonville community. Set up by 4 keen people, Michael Dunlap, Mark Howard, Jay Shoots and Jim Draper, the South Light Studio is amongst the best Jacksonville art studios, which is the ultimate platform for all local obsessed artists who have to showcase their art works. Currently, the studio is exhibiting art works of twenty-nine members and two guest artists. With an intent to exhibit the best creations of both experienced and expectant fine artists, the South Light Galley hosts a bunch of exhibitions across the year.

The Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens

Opened to public in 1961, the Cummer Museum of Art & Garden snuggled on the bank of the St. John’s Stream, is an impressive art studio in Jacksonville. Started with only 60 art pieces on view, this small museum now boasts over 5,500 collections. The locale also boasts some classily manicured gardens like the English garden, the historic prior garden and finally, the Italian garden. The museum is the ultimate setting for guests of any age and for families, singles and couples alike.

Museum of Modern Art Jacksonville

The Museum of Modern Art Jacksonville is a latest member of Jacksonville’s colorful art community.

Started since 2003, the MOCA has hosted one or two leading edge exhibitions illustrating best art works of one or two state, regional and world artists. Last year, the museum’s exhibition included an enormous collection of modern art works from the 1960s. With all of the cool pieces to see here, be sure to come by and check out this place.

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