Visit Detroit Gardens And Parks

November 30, 2013

Just recently, Detroit saw a drastic decline with numerous areas becoming vacant and unsightly. However , there are parks and Detroit gardens that have survived in the city as well as the community morale. Gardens are good for kids and the areas can teach them about the fundamentals of gardening and the ecosystem. These gardens in Detroit and Detroit public parks bring the community together and get them concerned in diverse programs. We have found a range of beautiful Detroit gardens and parks that any local or visitorcan enjoy.

William G. Milliken State Park and Harbor

The William G. Milliken State Park and Harbor is found in downtown Detroit, situated next to Rivard Plaza. This state park and harbor is the first urban state park in the state of Michigan. This park features 31 acres of coastal wetlands and fishing at Peter Stroh Memorial. There are pedestrian trails for zealous hikers and cycle roads for bike riders in Detroit. The William G. Milliken State Park and Harbour hosts a variety of activities like fireworks on special holidays.

The Anna Scripps Whitcomb Conservator

Owned by the Detroit Recreation and General Services Dept, the Anna Scripps Whitcomb Conservatory is found just miles from central Detroit. The Conservatory features flowers, plants and other flora that are thought of as native around the world. There are five marvellously designed houses that hold all of the valuable plants and flowers. The Anna Scripps Whitcomb Conservatory has existed since 1904, in an effort to enrich the city. The Belle Isle Botanical Society supports the conservatory, so as to preserve it. Preservation of the conservatory consists of fund raising and looking for donations from visitors. The conservatory is open from Wed. to Sunday and feature free admission.

Chene Park

Found on the Detroit Brook, Chene Park features a 6,000-seat concerthall where the city hosts numerous concerts and carnivals. Oktoberfest is a preferred event at Chene Park, where visitors enjoy beer and bratwurst. This park also includes a seawall and walking trails. Chene Park is the perfect environment for a person that enjoys outside events.

Belle Isle Park

Belle Isle Park is America’s largest city-owned park. It features 983 acres of green spaces and scenic views. The designer of Central Park designed the master transformation plan for this Detroit park. Belle Isle Park also includes a variety of facilities like free tennis courts, picnic areas, fishing pools and walking trails. The Dossin Great Lake Museum and a nature center are also great attractions at the park. This is one of Detroit public parks that is excellent for people who enjoy romantic picnics, nature, fitness and rich history.

Georgia Street Community Garden

The Georgia Street Community Garden is a garden that gets the community concerned in all of its programs. This garden provides residents with beneficial pointers on the best way to create their own Detroit gardens. The organization also helps youngsters learn about eating wisely by giving advice on the numerous items they grow. In addition to involving Detroit’s children in gardening, the Georgia Street Community Garden also hosts coat drives where they donate coats and clothing to the city’s youth. This is undoubtedly one of Detroit gardens that ought to be experienced at least once.

Frank Herbert has been interested in Detroit public parks and gardens for a number of years. He has written op-eds and editorial pieces about the attractions Detroit offers for many online publications. For more information about Detroit gardens and parks, please visit his site.


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