Visiting Religious Sites In Orlando

December 1, 2013

For folks who are attempting to find Orlando religious landmarks, there are a great many sites to see. It may seem surprising to believe that there would be some pretty special Orlando religious landmarks thanks to the large concentration of theme parks and Disney World. Yet in truth, there are many religious sites in Orlando and the surrounding area. The following list is a mixture of religious sites in Orlando and some other pretty special religious destinations in Orlando.

Mary, Queen of the Universe Shrine

Over a period this shrine has changed its name. The site is now called the Basilica of the National Shrine of Mary, Queen of the Universe. This Roman Catholic Church was an idea that grew in the 1970s, and finally become actualized in the 1980’s. Its original conception and construction was meant to accommodate the many millions of Catholics that come to the Orlando area yearly. This sanctuary for traveling Catholics, is meant to supply a place for worship and Mass in a place encircled by superb statues, unique design with sculptured entryways and walls that are adorned with attractive artifacts. The property also includes attractive gardens, a special museum and an old fashioned gift shop.

Holy Land Experience

This not a common Orlando theme park. Unlike the plenty of other parks, the Holy Land Experience Park provides guests an inexpensive, educational opportunity. Designed for any age, this park is a place where everyone can participate in many interactive story-telling experiences. The park is found southwest of the Downtown district. The park was designed with the basic desire to showing its visitors how Jesus lived his life 2,000 years back. The park le’s visitors step back in time to the Holy Land where they can witness the biblical stories acted out in front of them. Visitors can also discover engaging artifacts on display in the parks many displays. The Holy Land Experience is an enjoyably inspiring and historical place for the religious to feel the bible come to life.

Lake Eola

For those that are looking for a combination of Indian heritage and faith, Lake Eola is the locale of an inscribed tree that's marked as the grave place of the man whom it is said that Orlando is named after. The accepted story is that a man named Sentinel Orlando Reeves was an American soldier during the Seminole War, he was going out to alert his fellow soldier’s of an impending attack by the Seminole Indians when he was attacked and finished. His name is carved on a tree in the park at Lake Eola. Settlers in the area at the time said that this was his grave marker. It is thought that he carved his name on the tree near Lake Eola. The settler’s in the area theorized that this was the location of his death. This belief led some to connect his premature death with the many Seminole Indian War battles that were going on in the area at the time. From this tree engraving, settler’s named the area around the tree “Orlando’s Grave” and other settler’s called it just simply Orlando.

Ebenezer Methodist Church

Ebenezer United Methodist Church is also found in Orlando. Established in 1892 its members built a wood church on this site. It was noted as the very first African American Methodist Church Then in 1922 the members of the church decided they needed a more permanent structure and tore down the old structure and resurrected the Gothic Style brick church that now occupies this site.

Mount Pleasant Baptist Church

This is one of the oldest African-American churches in the area. It was organised in 1919. Originally parishioners met in various locations before the congregation finally found this spot. Once it was chosen and purchased, the church members themselves made the rusticated concrete blocks for the development of the building walls. This important Gothic style church was totally completed in 1921.

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