Washington DC Best Aquariums And Zoos

November 24, 2013

Washington DC is to all intents and purposes famous for politics and chances to explore our nations’s history. But 1 or 2 aquariums and zoos in Washington DC and the near by areas permit residents and visitors to discover nature in an interactive and unique way. The zoos in Washington DC have something for everybody, from families with small kids to nature fans to photographers.

The Smithsonian National Zoological Park

The Smithsonian National Zoological Park is amongst the nation’s true treasures. The National Zoo in Washington DC has free admission and is open every day of the year except Xmas. This zoo in Washington DC features 2 giant pandas as well as over four hundred different types of animals from across the world. The most notorious attarction in the Smithsonian National Zoological Parks is the Think Tank. Adults and kids are encouraged to understant and learn how different types of creatures think. Currently, the zoo is trying to uncover how the orangutans make dicisions.

The National Aquarium in Baltimore, MD

The National Aquarium in Baltimore, MD is a short driving distance from metro Washington DC and can be accessed by both automobile and the common public transport system of Washington DC and Maryland. This DC area aquarium features sharks, dolphins, and more than 650 different kinds of sea and sea life. For aadditional fee, guests can also enjoy unique events like dolphin encounters, breakfast with dolphins, sleepovers with the sharks, and behind-the-scene tours.

The Virginia Safari Park

The Virginia Safari Park is the area’s only drive thru safari park. Found approximately 3 hours from Washington DC, this Natural Bridge, Virginia park features a drive-through safari, a walk-through zoo, and a petting zoo. The Virginia Safari Park inspires visitors to see animals in a natural setting, permitting visitors the chance of observing feeding, wooing behaviors, and even the appearance of baby animals. Visitors will drive along a three-mile trail and can permit animals to eat specific park-provided food directly from the auto window. Ostriches, elk, zebras, camels, and llamas can be noted in the drive-through piece of the safari. The petting zoo area authorizes adults and youngsters to pet and feed potbelly pigs, goats, llamas, and giraffes. The park operates from March thru November of every year.

The Reston Zoo

The Reston Zoo is located a short drive from central Washington DC. The DC area zoo is located on 30 acres and includes walking trails, a petting zoo, a bird house where birds are permitted to fly free, and Zoofari van rides where guests can feed one or two types of animals. The van ride is included in the admission price for the zoo. Reston Zoo is closed December through early March of every year.

National Aquarium, Washington DC

Found steps away from the White House visitor’s entrance and the National Mall, the National Aquarium is the best stop for sea lovers and families with small children. The National Aquarium in DC is noticeably smaller compared with the sister building in Baltimore. The National Aquarium in Washington DC contains the American Freshwater Ecosystems Studio with species from freshwater habitats across the States. There are amphibians and exhibits on Amazon River Basin species. This Washington DC aquarium is open to the general public every day except Christmas and Thanksgiving.

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