Your First Guitar – Some Tips

April 7, 2012

Guitars are one of the very best musical instruments man has ever created. In reality, nearly 65% of Americans know how to play the guitar. This is mainly because understanding how to play the guitar is as simple as 1-2-3. It just needs some “dogged” determination, interest, and love for music, and anyone can quickly learn how to manipulate a few strings.

Many experts contend that learning how to play the guitar is almost proportional to the kind of guitar being used. They suggest that in order to understand how to play the guitar in as little time possible, it is beneficial to use a very good guitar and a good quality amp such as the Fender Vibrolux.

Since many individuals would like to think that all guitars are the same since they have similar attributes, it is really impractical to assume it to be so. This is mainly because guitars are not created equal. Every type has its own distinctions and variations. A good quality and versatile amp like the Fender Vibrolux with give you more than enough variety of sounds to keep you going for a lot of years.

For those who are not yet familiar with the way to pick the right guitar, here is a checklist of some suggestions that you can use:

1. Decide your budget first

Guitars are not produced of 2nd-hand materials so you can expect that most of the guitars are reasonably pricey. Establish your budget first so that you will know how much you can manage before you choose what type of a guitar to get. Settling for a less expensive guitar is usually not a good choice, in particular those that are priced below $200 – so you had better set a budget for it. When it comes to a quality amp, the Fender Vibrolux is a mid-range priced amp which represents fantastic value considering the amazing sounds it delivers.

2. Know your style

Knowing the kind of music that you like will help establish the kind of style of music you will play. For example if you are interested in acoustic music, then it is most beneficial to get an acoustic guitar; if you are into jazz, it would far better to purchase an “archtop’ guitar.

3. Know your degree of expertise

If you feel you are still a beginner but would like to personally own a guitar, it is most beneficial to obtain an electric guitar considering that it provides easier manipulation of the strings.

4. Know the store

Do not purchase just anywhere; it would be better to get your guitar from a good quality shop or retailer. This will assure you of the quality of the guitar as well as service in case you need some repairs or extra services.

Acquiring a guitar is not as easy as playing it. Simply keep in mind that when you invest in a guitar, do not just think of it as a great investment for your money but consider it a beneficial investment for you skill. As they say, a good guitar renders good music.


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