Monitoring Your Online Marketing

October 30, 2012

There are much more components of online marketing than there ever have been; with Search Engine Optimisation, Pay Per Click, Pay Per Call, as well as social media advertising such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.  Having this amount components means that your company’s marketing budget is being assigned to a range of different areas within digital marketing and it is important to ensure your resources are being divided steadily and successfully, therefore you should aim to be dispensing your marketing budget as efficiently as possible.

Companies of all sizes, from newly formes to national corperations, should have a digital marketing strategy, and assessing the effectiveness is vital to optimise the ROI on your marketing to create more sales.  People that search for and research products and services on the Internet, often decide to complete their purchase by phone; preferring some voice contact before committing funds.  This means that whilst it might appear that a sale has been achieved by telephone, the sale was only attained by the use of digital marketing; if your Internet presence had not existed, a competitor with more prominent digital marketing might have got the sale instead.  To be able to monitor how many web views are converting to phone sales, using call tracking technology alongside website analytics could be prudent.

Using call tracking means that a unique number is assigned to each website visitor, and if they call you on the phone, you can see where they found you, as well as their online behaviour before, during and after the call, and at what point the sale was made.  This means that even though the sale was made by phone, you can assertained that the sale was sourced online and which area of your digital marketing should be accredited with that sale.  For example, did the customer find your website via a search engine?  In which case, the sale should be attributed to the SEO you have carried out.  You can also assess your social media advertising with call tracking, by allocating a specific phone number to your social media pages so that potential customers can call you directly with this number, enabling you to see that a sale originated through a social media site such as Facebook or Twitter.


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