Common ADSL Troubleshooting Steps You Can Do At Home

February 22, 2014

To live in today’s society, it’s important to have a fast internet connection to stay connected. Everything is done online, business, banking, shopping, social media, etc. And nothing is more annoying that waiting for a slow internet connection to load things up. It can reduce your productivity and bring stress for people who are on a tight schedule.

The fastest way to deal with this problem is to talk to your ISP. Talk to them about their fair usage policy and if you are under a data limit that you do now know of. Usually you find out about your limit by running into a notification on your screen that says, “”Maximum concurrent connection limit reached”. But some networks will not have this feature and you will have to personally ask about your current situation. If your slow DSL performance is in fact due to a cap limit, you can replace your bundle and upgrade to a data package that will be enough for your monthly requirements. If it’s not an issue of a cap limit, then have your ISP go over your network and configuration settings to see if everything is in order. You can also ask them to get you a new micro-filter and modem because the ones ISP provides are made of poor quality and need to be replaced every so often.

If you are confident of your technical skills and you feel fairly tech savvy, you might want to wait before calling your ISP and try some of the things you can do yourself to resolve common connection issues. Check your cable and modem for electrical interference. Electrical interference can create noise which can slow down the electrical speed of the cables. Store away from microwaves and other household electronic appliances and the cable should be free from metal clippings. Straighten up coiled cable because coiling will also create some form of interference. One effective way of blocking off electrical interference is by getting an interstitial plate for your modem.

Another troubleshooting step that you can do is to restart your modem. It is the first thing that should be done to resolve the most common network problems. Sometimes, all your network needs is a good refresher. Also, it’s important to keep your passwords and antivirus softwares regularly updated. Check more ADSL internet tips at dodo internet.


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