A Look At The Questions To Ask An Equipment Rental Company

February 23, 2014

If you’ve been searching for tips in renting equipment, then you should have seen the advice in shopping around for rental service firms. This makes sense as there are so many rentals out there and as they always say, they are not created equal. Thus, the best way to get the best deal is to conduct some comparison shopping. However, with the abundance of information on the Internet, it can be challenging, especially for busy individuals to go through everything just so they would have a clear idea of what each company offers so they can make the right decision. After all, not everybody has the luxury of time to do a thorough research. Given this, if you have plans of applying for equipment rental, it would help if you learn the right questions to ask the rental company. The same questions can serve as your guide in researching the information that is essential in making the selection. Is the proper tool for the job available at your rental place? This is the first question that you should get an answer for. Here, your goal is to find out if the company is worth keeping on the list. In addition, you can also take advantage of the expertise of the rental professionals. They are knowledgeable and updated about the technology required to best accomplish your project.

What are the rental rates as well as the delivery and pick up costs? At this point, when the right equipment has been determined, you can start requesting for quotes to compare. Saving money is an integral part in smart decision-making. This applies to forklift rental or in renting other machine as well as in buying one. What are the specific requirements being imposed by the rental company? This is worth checking out as well. Before you go with the rental store that charges the lowest rate, compare it terms and conditions with ones that have higher fees. Following this, weigh and consider. You should do this to verify whether the your prospect can really provide you with the best value for your rental dollar. In relation to this, ask about repair and maintenance. What are the company policies concerning repair and maintenance? Does the rentals offer 24/7 service?

Does the rental company offer training? Training on the safe and proper operation of the equipment is imperative. Hence, you should ensure that the company of your choice can give this, if not, prepare to spend more. Whom should you call when problems related to equipment use arise? If you need immediate response, then you should know the right number that would lead you to the right person directly. Don’t settle with knowing just the company number because you are bound to be talking to the operator only. Also ask if there is an online site such as hertzequip.com that you can refer to for other information that you might have to clarify. But basically, when you get these questions clearly answered, you can rightly decide on which rental company to go with.


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