An Overview Of The Rental Equipment Categories

January 22, 2014

It is hard to imagine at this point in time, how construction projects can be completed in the absence of heavy equipment. There is no doubt that such products of technology have revolutionized the construction industry. As a result, it has made possible the fast, efficient and satisfactory results as far as creating buildings and other structures is concerned. In the past years though, these machines have become a lot more in demand and useful not only for the business environment but also for residential settings and it is due to the availability of rental equipment. This is an economical option that attracts a lot of customers and if you too, would like to try it, then you might be interested in finding out what sort of equipment can be rented. In this case, you can take pleasure from the fact that there is a huge inventory of them in the market.

When you visit the rental equipment market, you would be introduced to the following classification but are not limited to: excavation, lifting, earthmoving and mining, compaction and paving, concrete and masonry and pumping equipment. Check out and you would get hold of these along with many other equipment types. However, the list of categories provided here are the ones, which are widely used in construction sites. If you take the excavation category as an example, you would find that this consists of equipment pieces that are used for digging excavation and trenching operations. Among these is the backhoe loader or tractor backhoe. Lifting equipment, on the other hand, include those that are used to hoist or haul up materials, equipment and workers. Examples of these are manlift, scissor lift and articulating boom lift. Following this on the list is the earthmoving and mining category. This includes machines that are designed to haul earth and minerals in large construction projects. Examples of this are bulldozers and articulated trucks.

Another type of equipment for construction is compaction and paving equipment. As the name implies, compaction refers to act of compressing or pulverizing, which is normally accomplished through plates/rammers and rollers. In addition to the list is the concrete and masonry equipment category that includes various tools such as buggies, concrete grinders and stakes, edger, floats, mixers, saws, trowels and vibrators. These are important in the preparation of concrete for the construction itself. You can obtain additional information about this equipment category when you look at this. To complete the list, there is the pumping equipment. Pumps are devices required to raise, compress or transfer fluids. A few examples of such tool are centrifugal pump, diaphragm pump, industrial pump and submersible pump. Before you head to the rentals, it is a must that you know what you have to achieve so you can pick the right tool to use. You have to bear in mind, though, that equipment today are a lot more versatile than they used to. Therefore, it would help to learn more about your prospective tool so you can make the most out of it.


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