Buying One Of The Used Cars Winston Salem Dealers Offer: Negotiating Tips

February 13, 2014

What you must learn right away is there is no room for niceness when it comes to negotiating with a car dealer. And this involves negotiating for an affordable price on the car. When you buy one of the used cars Winston Salem dealers sell, you are entitled to receive a number of freebies. First of all, you should go to the bank and get a loan approval before you talk to a dealer. Bring a calculator with you as well as price lists, specifications and market value and manufacturer selling price of the cars you are interested in. There won’t be discussions about discounts, monthly payments, rebates and you can simplify the process, allowing you to stick to discussing only the price of the car.

You should not trade your car at the dealers; something that a lot of buyers today tend to overlook when they are buying a car. Dealers give their buyers a good price on brand new cars and then low-balling the cars taken to them for trade-in and you can learn more about it when you take a look at this site. You also need to adopt a non-confrontational approach with the car salesperson and discuss with him how the price you are offering would benefit him and the dealership instead of starting a screaming match with him to get your point across. Better to sell your car either on the internet or to other buyers and you may get more for the car than you would trading it in.

You need to comparison shop to find the best deals on these cars you are interested in. It is also important to take the car you like out for a test drive so you can get an idea how well the car performs. Before you take a test drive, check out information and tips in sites such as and always have a professional mechanic with you during the drive and inspection. Another important part of buying a car is to make sure that you have all the necessary paperwork or the dealers would provide you all the paperwork validating the car’s previous ownership if you’re buying used cars as well as information on its maintenance history, etc. You can also choose to buy a car towards the end of the month when car salesmen are aiming to hit their sales numbers and would be easier to negotiate with.


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