Choosing A Used Car Dealer

February 7, 2014

Tips on negotiating for a used car purchase are quite helpful especially if you have never bought a car before. Although you may be tempted by all the car TV commercials and radio ads, there is no reason why you won’t find a used car with the same features for a much lower price. You need to learn to identify selling tactics of car dealers and know how you can deflect them. First, you can check this out and take a look at the inventory of local dealers’ websites until you find a car you would be interested in. Among the advantages of buying used cars is you don’t have to end up in debt. Once you have narrowed down your options, you need to research on how much these used cars are valued using online sources or asking reputable dealers.

Said information will be useful when you start negotiating with car dealers. Now you have carefully inspect and test drive every car you are interested in. They won’t care that you lost your job or fighting stage three cancer and that you cannot make car payments because of so and so reason. This would include checking the lights, air conditioning, windows, brakes, tires, etc. of the car from Hertzcarsales you are interested in. Check for leaks and if car fluids are dirty. Do remember that there are other transportation options available to you and you need not take on anything that would cause you financial difficulties. While there are a number of used car dealers you can choose from, you still need to do research on these dealers before buying anything from them. Ask friends or neighbors that have bought used cars from these dealers for their opinion.

Take note of unusual sounds, vibrations, or shifting while you’re driving. Check the brakes on the cars Hertz cars are selling you when you test drive. Tip number four is to be very careful what you say in front, or within earshot of a used car dealer/salesman. You also wouldn’t want to buy from a dealer that sells poor quality used cars. If the car you’re looking at has more 100,000 miles on its odometer, ask if its timing belt has already been replaced. If you find a used car dealership you are interested in, take a look at the cars they offer. Ask to see maintenance records on the car before you decide to buy it. Those reports provide information that help you decide whether or not to buy the used car.


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