Difference Between Buying A Car From A Dealer And A Private Party

January 8, 2014

Are you gearing up to make a used car purchase? There are a few options to consider when it comes to a used car purchase. These include the used car dealer such as HertzCarSales.com and the private seller. Before you can make the choice though, you need to find out which of the two can offer you more benefits. In this case, the following information would help. Compared to a private seller who doesn’t have a lot of rules to adhere to, used car dealers need to comply with certain operating or selling procedures. But how does this impact the buyer? This could mean that the possibility of being cheated in the process is quite low. The possibility of driving home a lemon is much lesser when you buy from a dealer than when you opted to transact with a private owner. On the other hand, a private party sale isn’t bound by rules and more often than not involves dealing with an unknown person, which could make you vulnerable to a lot of risks.

Aside from this, buying a used car from a dealer lets you get hold of a lot of perks. One is the warranty. Years back, the main difference of buying new vs. an old car was the warranty. Today, however, with the advent of certified used programs, you can get a warranty for a pre-owned vehicle. You might be interested in including in your search the type of warranty you could get from your choice of dealer, given the fact that dealers are not one and the same. In addition to the warranty are financing options that a dealer offers. Since dealers would have tie ups with banks and financial institutions, then you are more likely to get help with financing. This is something that you cannot expect to get from a private seller. In addition, arranging legal and required documents is the least of your worries when you purchase from a dealer. This is unlike with a private party purchase where you should be ready to deal with most of the paperworks.

With regards to the main benefit of buying from a private seller, you can have more room for price negotiating. Because of that, the possibility of buying a car for a lower price is higher than what a dealer could offer. But of course, there are dealers like this one that offer their vehicles at no-haggle prices. This allows you to purchase a used vehicle at the cost that is below suggested retail values. Given all these, you should find it easier to choose where to go to for your next car purchase.


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