Heavy Construction Equipment Type: The Excavator

January 27, 2014

It is easy to pinpoint a construction site when you see one, owing to the presence of huge, heavy-duty vehicles that are commonly colored with shades of yellow, orange and black. These are generally termed as construction equipment. They come in various forms as well as sizes. They serve different purposes and it would be quite difficult to imagine the construction industry without them. You should know, however, that while there is a long list of heavy machines, only some of them are really indispensable. Among these is the excavator. This refers to the construction vehicle that can dig trenches, holes and foundations and has also the ability to move large objects. It is typically made of an articulate arm, a bucket and a cab that is mounted on a rotating platform, which is called the ‘house.’ It is important in a number of applications not only in construction. In particular, it is used in forestry work, demolition, mining and river dredging, to name a few. The versatility of the excavator is probably a result of the fact that it is available in various sizes and that it can accommodate different hydraulic powered attachments.

There are different types of excavators, namely: drag-line, long reach, suction and crawler excavators. The drag-line excavators are those that are applied in mining and engineering projects. Under this type are the lifting cranes and heavy duty built on-site machines. The long reach excavator, the second type, is the one, which has long arm. This is mostly useful for destruction activities like crumpling structures. The third type, the suction excavator, also called vacuum excavator, has a suction pipe that can clear out debris from the ground. This is another application that is common to mining fields. In the same way, the fourth type, the crawler excavators are also widely-used in mining. Considering the role of this equipment, it is not surprising why it can be an expensive piece. And for those who don’t have the resources, buying one isn’t such a good idea. Fortunately, like the dump truck, and other equipment, buying new isn’t your only solution. You can look for used equipment sellers to be able to get a more affordably-priced excavator.

But other than this, you can think about equipment rental. With the boom in the rental industry, it won’t be difficult to find any equipment you require. You can visit brick and mortar as well as online rental stores. In terms of the latter, you can check some details here. Browse the equipment catalog and see if the specific excavator you need is available.


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