How To Regain Independence With An Electric Mobility Scooter

November 22, 2013

After living an independent lifestyle it is hard to accept that you are losing your independence. As a result of age, walking can become difficult. Making the problem worse are factors like arthritis, osteoarthritis, injuries and disease. No matter what the cause, the good news is that a mobility electric scooter can restore some of you former independence.

Taking trips to the shopping center, mall, or even amusement parks can be done easily and freely on a mobility electric scooter. Mobility scooters are personal mobility devices that utilize an electric motor to easily and efficiently transport a single individual. Scooters can be customized with the purchase of bags or baskets that allow the user to do their grocery shopping without assistance.

One of the major advantages to a mobility scooter is that it is very easy and simple to operate. Most use a set of handle bars that is attached to an adjustable post called a tiller. Different sized users are accommodated by adjusting the position of the tiller. Acceleration is usually controlled with a single button or lever, and breaking is often automatic, stopping the scooter when the accelerator is released.

The range that a mobility scooter can travel varies depending on the model. Some units can travel significantly over 30 miles per charge and at speeds of over 10 mile per hour, but most travel around 5 miles per hour and over distances of 10 – 20 miles per charge. Weight carrying capacity is another factor which varies between models. There are a few which are rated at more  than 500 pounds. By purchasing an extra battery and ensuring that it is always charged, range and usefulness of the mobility device is effectively doubled. Mobility scooter users do not have to worry about pump prices going up because they use a rechargeable battery.

People with mobility issues can achieve a great deal of freedom with this form of transport. With greater self reliance and mobility comes greater self image and higher quality of life. If you want to know more about mobility electric scooters browse online or visit this website for more helpful resources.


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