Off Road Accessories Make Off Road FUN

June 30, 2013

4WD or 4×4 are called SUVs in some nations. Like in the case of other vehicles, 4×4 accessories also form a massive part of the car industry comprising of many products.

These products go from 4×4 tyres, stainless-steel and alloy wheels, tonneau covers, bed liners, window deflectors, side steps, side bars and covers. These accessories are designed differently for different 4×4 automobiles like the Nissan, Toyota, Shogun, Mitsubishi and Ford etc. There are a number of variations of tyres and wheels to match the cars as well as the different road conditions on which these automobiles are meant to be driven.

The industry of 4×4 accessories (tyres and wheels) is among the biggest so far as the auto accessories are concerned. The dimensions of the wheels and tyres can alter a lot in different automobiles.

Various 4×4 cars use different wheel and tyre combinations. Sometimes, finding a selected tyre/wheel combination can become complicated at specific places. Tyre mechanics make sure that the required tyre/wheel combination is available to suit a 4×4 automobile. Many accessories utilized in 4×4 vehicles are made from stainless-steel like the sidebars, roll bars, side steps and bull bars.

They’ve also got a good resale value in the market. Many accessories like the covers for door handles, mirror covers and tailgate trims are made of chrome.

However, in Hilux, Ranger, Rodeo, Navara D40 and Amorok these are made of stainless-steel instead of Chrome. there were certain revelations like the drawer systems for 4×4 vehicles. They come with different load ratings per drawer. The lockable drawers provide additional security to the stuff. To make a significant journey comfortable, an ice cube fridge designed for 4×4 automobiles is also another revelation.

It keeps the food and drinks fresh and cold. Finding the best accessories is just not enough. There should be a correct installation of the 4×4 accessories as well to ensure perfect use and pleasure.

By Max Fourby.

By Max Fourby. Read more: more info or 4×4 suspension.


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