The Benefits Of Owner’s Manual

March 11, 2014

owner’s manual

When you purchase a new car, an owner’s manual comes with it.The owner’s manual, however, is often being ignored by car owners – most of whom don’t really understand the importance of having a well-maintained vehicle.

The condition of the vehicle dictates the safety of the driver and its passengers when on the road. If the car doesn’t undergo regular maintenance, it’s likely to incur damages or problems that can result in expensive repairs.

Knowing when to have an oil change simply isn’t enough to keep the car running smooth. Car owners should also be informed about how to carefully handle the vehicle. The owner’s manual is a somewhat like a guideline educating car owners how to properly care, maintain and giving precise information about the capabilities of the vehicle.

Take the time to go over the owner’s manual to have better knowledge of the machine you are driving. So basically, there are 3 main befnefits about owner’s manual.

#1: Timesaver

Nowadays, many vehicles come with tons of gadgets and electronic devices. There are two options for figuring out how to operate them: 1) You can play with each piece of equipment until you figure out how it works or 2) You can read the owner’s manual. An owner’s manual will lay out, in detail, how to operate all of the fancy equipment the vehicle comes with. By reading it, you will save time and un-needed aggravation.

#2: Specifications On Vehicle Maintenance

Maintaining your vehicle is important. Regular maintenance will keep it running correctly and prevent premature problems with the vehicle. The owner’s manual will list specifications set by the manufacture on how frequent to:

  1. change the oil and oil filter
  2. rotate the tyres
  3. change the air filter
  4. etc, etc

It will also tell you what type of oil, fluids, and gasoline to use. If these specifications are not followed, then it will affect the validity of your new vehicle factory warranty, and extended warranty, if applicable. Speaking of warranties, on to the next reason why you should read the manual.

#3 Vehicle Warranty Information

Some manufactures opt to list the new vehicle warranty information in the owner’s manual. Even if the entire

limitedfactory warranty is not listed, the roadside assistance program, if applicable, usually is. If the factory warranty information is found in the owner’s manual, it will list what is and what is not covered. If the roadside assistance program information is listed, it will list the services that are included in the roadside assistance program and the number to call when you need assistance.

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The owner’s manual should be your constant passenger. It would definitely come in handy when weird things start happening to the car.

Get your car maintained today. To gain better handling of the vehicle, keep drives as safe as possible, do not neglet proper car maintenance – it’ll also save you hundreds of dollars.


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