The Different Types Of Heavy Equipment

February 4, 2014

Not many people think about how complicated the construction industry actually is. Each job requires a huge range of equipment, including heavy equipment, and no two jobs are ever the same. Because of this, a construction company will usually choose to rent heavy equipment rather than buying them. Indeed, if a company only uses certain types of equipment irregularly, purchasing them would be a terrible financial decisions, particularly considering their prices. Luckily, there are various rental companies out there that are able to assist with this. But what kind of equipment can construction companies choose from? The actual list of equipment is incredibly long, but there are a number of pieces that are rented out very regularly.

Generally, the equipment is divided in a few easy to search categories. Some of the more common categories include aerial or air equipment, earth moving equipment and material handling equipment. However, when you check this out, you can see the full list of equipment that are available. If you are unsure about which equipment you actually need, there will generally also be someone available to help you.

So why should you choose to rent instead of buy? First of all, when you rent, the machine is only an expense when you actually have it. Furthermore, you have to consider the fact that you won’t incur any of the standing costs of owning equipment. When you rent, you don’t have to take out insurance, pay for the tax and service, repair and maintain the equipment. This is why financial institutions will look on the rental of equipment as an asset, but they look at owning equipment as a liability. Only if you use the equipment so often that it becomes cheaper to buy one outright rather than rent one should you consider not renting. Luckily, good companies like offer both options. Naturally, you should only work with reputable companies when you want to rent equipment. Hertz is very well-known across the world for their rental provisions of both regular cars and construction equipment. You must make sure that you spend your money on quality, since the successful completion of your construction job actually depends on it. Hertz have worked very hard to get a reputation of excellence, which means that you know they will do all they can to continue to deserve that reputation.


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