Things To Ask For When Buying From Used Car Dealers

June 20, 2013

Playing all nice won’t land you a great deal on the used cars you’re interested in – everything in the used car dealership is negotiable. You can and should haggle with dealers when it comes to buying used cars. As a matter of fact, apart from negotiating your way out of paying the dealer’s asking price, there are also a number of things you should ask them once you’ve decided on a used car you want to buy. Don’t worry, you are not taking away their profit by asking for freebies rightfully yours. First of all, when you buy preowned cars Boston Massachusetts dealerships should provide you with the car’s service history report for free. While it’s true that you can just as easily pay for your own copy – and this might come up in the haggling process – stand your ground and demand that the dealer give the report to you free of charge.

You can also ask used car dealers for a brand new set of tires on the car you will buy from them. You need to inquire whether or not the tires on the used car you plan to buy are brand new or almost brand new when you check out HertzCarSales. If they aren’t, you’re well within your rights to ask for brand new tires considering they get worn down quickly. Don’t feel embarrassed about asking for brand new tires since the dealers will just put the old ones on a different car and sell it to someone clueless about buying used cars. You should never buy a used car with worn down tires since replacing them soon after purchase is a waste of money.

Before you drive off in that used car, you also need to ask the dealer for an oil change. Always remember that cars that look great on the outside don’t automatically come with an engine that looks as good. So ask for a new change of oil before you finalize the sale. You could also check on this if you want to know about other basic yet important things that should come with your used car purchase. Lastly, check if dealers can register the vehicle for you in your state and take advantage of this. Doing so will help save a lot of time, effort and money on your part.


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