Things You May Not Know When Buying Used Cars

June 8, 2013

There are many people that choose to buy used cars from established dealerships rather than buying directly from car owners or used car lots. This is because used car dealers are more reliable when it comes to buying used cars. Considering today’s economy, it is important to look out for the best deals regardless of what it is you buy. And speaking of getting great deals, did you know that there are a handful of freebies you can and should ask from dealerships you will buy used cars from? First of all, after deciding to buy preowned cars Charlotte North Carolina dealerships should give you an entirely new set of floor mats for the car. So before you set plans of buying car mats from department stores, ask the dealers for brand new ones to be put in the car and don’t worry about them not obliging – they would because they would not risk displeasing a customer over something as trifling as car floor mats.

Removing scratches and small dents is another freebie that used car dealers may not be very keen to tell you about. Seriously, would you really spend ten to fifteen thousand dollars on a used car with minor yet obvious body damage? You can make inquiries at about them removing small dents and scratches before you pay for the car. This service will not cost the dealership a lot of money since they have a team of professionals under their employ but taking the car for even the simplest of body work yourself will cost you a lot of money.

Another freebie you must ask about is the dealership registering the car for you – something most states allow. This is great especially if you live in a state where the process of registering a vehicle leaves a lot to be desired and if you are lucky (or can negotiate/argue/haggle both ends of a Mobius strip), the dealership can even pay for the registration fees. You could gather more information about freebies when you investigate this. Lastly, you need to understand that a used car dealership’s profit margin is often big enough to pay the sales tax on the used car. You also need to understand that not all dealerships can be haggled into agreeing to this request and may even let the sale die rather than pay for the sales tax. So before you make the request, make sure that you have carefully weighed your options.


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