What Are The Common Categories Of Construction Equipment?

November 30, 2013

Excavator, bull dozer, lift and cranes are just few of the common heavy equipment you must have seen or heard of. In reality, there is actually a long list of construction equipment types that are being used in the industry that it would be impossible for one to enumerate them all. But even if this is so, it is worth knowing that these pieces of equipment can fall under one of the general equipment categories. And if you wish to learn this classification of heavy equipment, then check out the following. Equipment used in construction can be categorized into: earthmoving, material handling equipment, compaction and paving equipment, hauling equipment, aggregate production, and pumping equipment. Under the earthmoving equipment category, you would find machines designed for digging and pushing the earth. Excavator, backhoe, drag line, bull dozer, power shovel and scrapers belong to this category.

Following earthmoving is the material handling equipment. Machines under this classification are those used for movement, storage, control and protection of materials. Examples of this are construction and industrial forklifts, cranes, dolly, hoists and pallet lift. Another group of equipment used in construction sites are the compacting and paving equipment. Compaction as a term used in construction, refers to the process of decreasing the volume of air in hot mix asphalt pavement construction. Examples of equipment under this category are the plates and rollers. Aside from these categories, there are the haulers. Hauling equipment serve the following functions: to transport building materials; dispose unwanted materials from the site; and carry heavy machines. These include the dump truck and the dumper. Dump truck comes in many types: side, rear and bottom dump trucks. The dumper is used ideally for short hauls on rough roads.

Other than the aforementioned categories, there is the aggregate and concrete production equipment, which as the name implies, is important for the production of aggregate and concrete. Included in this category are the many types of crushers: jaw crusher, gyratory crusher, cone crusher, roll crusher, hammer mill and rod and ball mills. In addition, you have the pumping equipment which basically works by raising, compressing or transferring fluids. If you are to search here online, you will be introduced to a wide variety of pumps like centrifugal pump, diaphragm pump, submersible pump, test pump and well point dewatering. Discharge and suction hoses may also be included in the equipment inventory under this category. There are other classification of equipment for construction purposes. But while you continue your pursuit to knowing them, you should remember to look into the available safety equipment like fall protection lines and fire extinguishers. Whatever you invest in doing so will pay off in the coming days.


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