Why You Should Get Used Cars Online

January 27, 2014

Getting hold of your next vehicle is so much easier if you know where to go. Most people would agree that going to Hertz Car Sales is probably the best idea. Hertz has a fantastic reputation and they have deserved that wholeheartedly, which is exactly why it should be your first port of call for your next car. First of all, all cars for sale through Hertz Car Sales are absolutely of high quality. This is because almost all of the cars are ex-rentals, which means they have been owned by Hertz from the start. This also means that they have been really well maintained. Plus, before they sell any of their cars, they get completely checked over again and they get valeted. Hence, each and every car is in perfect working order and completely clean. Not just that, you are fully covered under the warranty as well.

However, this isn’t all that makes Hertz so special. For starters, any car they sell you is at the best possible value. You can check this in order to do your homework and click on their link to find the recommended price according to the Kelly Blue Book (KBB). Check that out to see that the Hertz prices are almost always on or below the KBB prices. This means that you don’t have to negotiate on your price, nor do you have to deal with slimy car salesmen. You just know that you are being offered a fair and correct price. An added benefit of this is that you are able to really set yourself a budget.

One thing that Hertz does that no one else does is the opportunity to go for an extended test drive. You have the option of renting your chosen vehicle for three days, during which you can drive it at your own leisure. If you decide to purchase the vehicle at the end of the three days, the money you paid for the rental will be subtracted from the purchase price. If you need more info about this, all the details are available on the Hertz website. Clearly, there is a good reason as to why people think of Hertz as offering a huge range of benefits. When you then also consider the fact that Hertz is happy to arrange finance for you at a really good rate, and that they take in old vehicles as part exchange, and the the fact that all of this can be arranged online, and it quickly becomes obvious that you really should go nowhere but Hertz for your next car.


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