LEDs Versus Fluorescent Tubes In Light Boxes

Chat about the current challenges that the industry is facing and the task display consultants have to play in helping shops to increase footfall, the customer experience and brand power. Use of LED lighting over fluorescent tubes with reference to the additional outlay against long term energy savings One of the greatest strategies for a […]

Thinking About Buying An LED Sign Here’s A Few Tips

Purchasing a sign can turn out to be a fairly big deal so we have assembled a small list of tips to help you make the right choice: Making an investment in the Right Sign While there are many cheap options procurable on the market, it doesn't necessarily transliterate into a suitable sign or led […]

How Signs And Images Improve A Customer’s Shopping Experience

Regardless of how good the product, brands will remain unspotted without the proper signage, it's critical to let the general public know where their business is and what they offer. This is particularly true for brands that opt to trade within huge malls like John Lewis, for whom E-Handsome advertising has just recently supplied with […]

LED Compare T5 : Which Bulb Is Better?

Here at E-Handsome Advertising light box, we suspect that LED light bulbs are the ideal long-term solution for any lighting related subjects. This assessment originates from comprehensive and exhaustive testing done on our end. A side-by-side comparison of LED lighting systems with fluorescent T5 lighting systems have shown us serious variations in how these two […]

Lightboxes-Advertising That Literally Reaches Out To More Consumers

Advertising is a vital component to any successful marketing campaign, retailers are constantly looking for a leading edge way to attract the attention of shopper and it requires more than simply talent-it requires the right tools. E-Handsome’s brand spanking new LED light box enables firms to attain truly outstanding displays by catching the iris of […]

The Several Benefits Of Going Green With LED Lighting

LED light panels are actually capable of releasing various levels of illumination as a source of illumination, allowing otherwise dim atmospheres, for example hotels, bars, diners, cafes, and interior rooms that don’t have accessibility to natural light to have a bright and airy feel. LED Light panel have a wide range of color temperatures including […]

Why You Ought To Use LED Light Panel To Enhance Your Promotions

Implementing LED light panels into your business or office can basically increase promotions and so sales. A research organization called BRE recently reported as much, giving retail and other firms reason to consider this resourceful new method of drawing in further income. These companies do not have to change much about their initial selling design […]

What LED Light Panel Colour Temperature You Should Use For Your Project

Whether you’re using an LED light panel as your sole source of light or to make visible appeal, you will want to consider colour temperature. Colour temperature refers to where the color falls on the Kelvin range between blue and red. Blue temperatures are cooler with higher Kelvin ratings while red temperatures are hotter, and […]

Why LED Light Panel Offers Merits With Its Ultra Thin Design

LED lights are swiftly gaining attention for the numerous benefits they offer buyers. From better light uniformity to lower energy costs, the advantages of using LED light panels quickly add up. The products from LED Light Panel offer purchasers a further benefit as well: the thinness of the product. Some might look at the smooth […]

Why LED Light Panel Beat Our Traditional Under Cabinet Lighting

You will have thought you were updating the look and efficiency of your office, diner or shop by switching to energy-efficient overhead lights. While that may have been a great start, you can still turn it up a notch by lighting up other areas. Raise your space’s potency, visibility and ambiance even further with LED […]

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