Penn International V Big Game Reels

The Penn International V big game reels are renown for offering the most advanced and reliable big-game fish-fighting performance in the world, with an ergonomically designed and contoured one-piece machined frame, featuring unbelievable cranking power and strength. The distinctive pure gold color of Penn International V reels distinguishes genuine Penn reels from the fakes and […]

Are live worms/nightcrawlers good baits for largemouth bass?

KU enquired: I’ve started fishing at this small 50-acre lake. Are worms and nightcrawlers good for bass fishing on the banks of a lake. This lake is open water and has no structures of some sort. Where should I fish and at what time? Interesting Articles

What is the best way to get rid of small largemouth bass? My buddy’s lake is overcrowded with small ones.

thisiscool enquired: My buddy has a pretty nice size lake maybe 3-4 acres. I only seem to catch small ones. And lots of them. I’ll catch about 20 bass under 10 inches. I am wondering if I should start getting rid of them when i catch them. Interesting Content

Do any of you keep a largemouth bass in an aquarium at home or have you seen it done before?

boo8mer enquired: I I’ve got an aquarium at home and I’d like to build a habitat for a largemouth bass so I can study their tendencies. Interesting Articles

Could I keep a largemouth bass in a 75 gallon aquarium?

Sally enquired: They get to 18 inches. I’m a fairly experienced fish keeper so I know how to keep a bass. I have done research and located a fish farm in my area that I could buy a 1 inch large mouth bass. Also, could I maybe put 2 largemouths in a 75 gallon? Could […]

What are some easy largemouth bass flies to tie?

Will enquired: I need some easy to tie flys for largemouth bass. I already have a beginners bass fly tying kit but it doesnt have any recomendations. What are some easily tied flies or ones that work very well with bass on a 22 acre pond. The lake is only 5 years old but most […]

Do I need a heater for a 75 gallon largemouth bass tank?

Sally enquired: I know I asked this same question earlier, but everyone told me that one is not needed. What I am asking here is would it do any good to have one, or would my bass not even care. Interesting Articles

Can I ween a largemouth bass to eat pond pellet food?

ku_jayhawks_rush enquired: I have a 2 inch largemouth bass in a 240 gallon. I could barly afford a large enough habitat for him, so I dont want to be shelling out $200 a year to be feeding him all feeders. I dont want to breed livebearers for food for him. Could I slowly ween him […]

Fishing Equipment

Some people take fishing as nothing but a hobby; many of us take it as a serious sport. You may have your own views on the subject, but fishing unquestionably is a fun experience when you are equipped with the right kind of help. There are times when you will need to consider what kind […]

What is the best bait for Largemouth Bass?

traceilicious enquired: We are going camping this weekend, and for the first time we will be trying for largemouth bass. What is the best bait to catch them with? Is it much harder then going for channel cat? I haven’t fished for a couple of years, but the last time I did was in the […]

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